Possible Human Remains Found in Wayne County

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WAYMART -- Officials are trying to figure out if remains found in Wayne County are human.

For several hours Sunday afternoon, Waymart police, along with state police and the Wayne County coroner were in a wooded area just beyond a field along Route 6 in Waymart. We are told that possible human remains were found on the property.

Investigators could be seen removing those remains from the wooded area.

Officials say it's still too soon to determine if the remains are human, and if so, who it was.

This all happened right on the edge of Waymart borough.

The Wayne County coroner tells Newswatch 16 that those remains still need to be examined and identified, as well as determining a cause of death.

At this point, the coroner said those remains appear to be consistent with human remains.

That early analysis has people in the community and passing through wondering who it could be.

"Especially in a small town like this. I'm from a small town, so when you hear about things like this happening it's a little scary because if someone goes missing or unfounded, you would know about it, so this is very surprising," said Melissa Paul of Effort.

Brandon Straut of Honesdale has lived in Wayne County his entire life. He has no idea who it could be.

"It's a small town, and everyone knows everybody," Straut said.

Others wonder if these possible humans remains are someone from the area or if they were left here by someone just passing by this well-traveled roadway.

"We got to look at why it's happening and what would compel somebody to do something that evil if you will," said Brian Long of Waymart.

It's still unclear how the remains were discovered.


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