Wild Weather in Pittston Ahead of Parade

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PITTSTON -- Setting up for the 4th Annual Pittston City St. Patrick's Parade was a piece of cake after unseasonably warm weather in February. Unfortunately, that luck won't continue since Saturday won't be one of those warm days.

After a week of weather where temporary no parking signs were ripped off poles because of high winds associated with the weekend tornado, organizer Sarah Donahue is ready for things to calm down. She just wishes it wasn't going to be as cold as expected.

"It was very much a tease that it was so warm," said Donahue. "We decorated the town and had the line painted in 70 degree weather and all the decorating we did was in 60 or 70 degree weather so we thought third time was the charm -- we have to have a great parade day and we are going to have a great parade day. It's just going to be a little chillier than it's been."

But not everyone is scared of the cold at the parade. At least one business is hoping to cash in on it.

"When it's cold, everybody comes in and stay warm and buys pizza," said Antonio Costagliola of Napoli's Pizza. "If it's nice, people walk by out there. So it might be better and work out good."

Inside Napoli's Pizza, people understand it's going to be cold come parade time.

"It was really nice last week and we should be warm now," said Keith Gilroy of Wilkes-Barre.

"This weather really affects my health," said Krys Prula of Wilkes-Barre. "It goes one day up one day down, it's bad."

The Pittston City St. Patrick's Parade is schedule to start promptly at noon on Saturday.

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