‘They’re Best Friends:’ Toddler and Puppy Fetch Themselves a Special Bond

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WHITEHALL, Mich-- We all know who man's best friend is, but one West Michigan pup is one toddler's top dog.

It all started about two years ago when Lorraine Harpster was given a puppy for her birthday, a golden retriever named "Jersey." When she brought the new addition home to meet her other new addition, a 2-month-old daughter named Ahnaleigh, it was the beginning of a beautiful, furry friendship.

Ahnaleigh and Jersey love playing fetch together. Pink nails and all, almost 2-year-old Ahnaleigh Jacobs doesn't let her size get in the way of playing with her golden, fluffy, four legged best friend.

Every morning Ahnaleigh wakes up, takes the dog out, then gets her, her food.

"She does it herself," Harpster tells Fox 17.

"The only person who is always here, besides me and her dad, is her puppy," Harpster said.

They're playmates, close in age, roughly a month a part.

"Ahnaleigh loves giving her anything and acting like she didn`t do it. Jersey will play along too," Harpster said. "They get into trouble together, they play more than anything."

Through tumbles and fumbles, they're faithful friends, sharing not only memories, but car seats, blankets, kisses and hugs.

But it's not just playing Jersey enjoys. The puppy enjoys watching over Ahnaleigh too, teaching the young girl if you stumble and fall, you stand right back up.

"Ahnaleigh just learned how to climb the stairs jersey is always right behind her so if she falls she feels like she`s going to catch her," Harpster said.

It's an adorable friendship that will never end.


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