Snow Making Returns after Tornado Damage at Montage

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SCRANTON- Less than a week after a tornado touched down near Montage Mountain Ski Resort, causing significant damage, the resort is making snow again.

Montage Mountain got power back to get the snow guns running early Friday morning, just in time for temperatures cold enough to make snow.  Montage officials said it’s enough time to reopen the resort by Saturday morning…

The ski resort was one of the areas hardest hit by last week’s tornado. The resort was already struggling because of the record-breaking warm temperatures we had, then throw in the tornado.

The mountain had more than 100 trees down, some of those fallen trees damaged the snow making system. Also, power lines were down.
Power was finally restored to the lodge Thursday.  Employees were able to power up the snow guns very early Friday morning.

There’s some steps you have to go through getting the companies out doing all the work and then the labor has to take place,” said Montage director of marketing Jeff Slivinski. “The timeline just took that long. We’re back though. We’re looking forward to a good weekend, temperatures are going to cooperate. It’s going to be cold. We’re going to be able to make snow again, as you can see.”

Not all of the trails at Montage will be ready by Saturday, but officials said they will have a mix of beginner, intermediate, and expert slopes open. They have a lot of work to do, but with single digit temps possible overnight Friday into Saturday, that’s when the mountain will really fill up with snow.  A lot of snow can be made when temperatures are that low.

The StormTracker 16 team said conditions should be good all weekend for all resorts in Northeastern Pennsylvania to make snow.

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