Mini Golf…at the Library!

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SELINSGROVE -- When you think of libraries, the first thing that comes to mind is probably books.

But books will be in the background this weekend at the Rudy Gelnett Library in Selinsgrove. While some people check out books, others set up a miniature golf course!

It's in time for the Snyder County Libraries' third annual "Putting for Pages" fundraiser. This year's volunteers are here with the help of SUNCOM -- a non-profit which helps those with disabilities improve their quality of life. Newswatch 16 found volunteers, and library employees setting up a 19-hole mini golf course inside the library!

"It is going to be great. I am willing to set up a miniature golf course. Hopefully this is going to be fun," Sylvan Kingery said.

There are two separate golfing events. Friday night's fundraiser costs $30. It's for adults 21 and older.

"Food, drinking, talking to friends, having a good time," Pam Ross said.

Saturday's event is for families, and is just $5 a person, to golf!

Last year the event raised about $13,000 for the libraries here in Snyder County and officials say that money was put to good use.

"Books, programs, staff time," Ross said.

The money raised benefits the four libraries in the Snyder County Library System--Selinsgrove, Middleburg, Beavertown and McClure. Kathy Zeigler of Winfield tells Newswatch 16 she's grateful for fundraisers like this because her children love this library.

"It's very good for the kids so they can be able to learn and grow with other kids," Zeigler said.

The event is made possible because different businesses sponsor the holes.

"Weis Markets, we have The Daily Item, we have families who are major sponsors," Ross said.

The mini golf course stretches through all three floors of the library! Last year's event raised $13,000 for the Snyder County Libraries.