I-80 East Closed in Central PA after 25 Vehicle Crash

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SNOW SHOE — PennDOT reports that Interstate 80 eastbound in Centre County is closed after a pile-up involving 25 vehicles.  That happened just as snow squalls were passing through that part of central Pennsylvania late Friday morning.

PennDOT reports that I-80 east is closed between Exit 147, Snow Shoe and Exit 133, Kylertown/Philipsburg.

There are no reports yet if there are any injuries.

The StormTracker 16 team said that snow squalls will continue passing through parts of our area this afternoon.

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    • Karen Reigle

      In snow swells you normally can’t see well…… and they are called accidents for a reason!

  • les

    PennDOT, on top of things once again!!! They probably lathered that portion of highway with the liquid salt yesterday. Unfortunately that stuff dries quickly and turns into airborne dust once vehicles drive over it. What a waste of money.

    • Bill K.

      Les, not sure why you’re being downvoted. PennDOT always screws these up. This was NOT an unpredicted storm. All weather services were predicting snow today. Where was PennDOT to put salt on the roads? Why weren’t they out salting as soon as it started snowing? We had mild winters the past few years. There should be a surplus of salt. Same goes with labor. Shouldn’t have had to spend much overtime on clearing roads the past few years. Oh yeah I forgot. If you can’t hack it in private industry and have a buddy the state will hire you. Nothing but a bunch of incompetents.

      • Jon

        Just so you are both clear, all roads were treated properly. Snow squalls care not of our feeble human attempts of pre treating a road.

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