Homicide Suspect Stays Silent During Court in Monroe County

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STROUDSBURG -- An accused killer had nothing to say for himself to day at the Monroe County Courthouse.

Police say Kyle Kresge of Effort shot and killed Lawrence Purcell, Jr. at a home along Glenwood Drive in Chestnuthill Township -- near Effort -- in February.

After shooting Purcell in the chest, Kresge allegedly dragged his body out of the house, attempting to conceal it with debris.

Several witnesses testified against Kresge today in court.


    • Everybody must get stoned

      From what I understand it was self defense. Kyle kept calling Larry a dufus and gang-banger wannabe for wearing his NY hat that way. Larry got all up in his grill and came after him, Kyle turned his gun sideways and was actually surprised when he hit him.

      • WTH

        So basically what you’re saying is we have two grown-ass men with a serious case of arrested development acting like morons and one of them ends up dead and the other in jail. Just another day in NEPA.

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