Cardboard Classic Draws Thousands to the Poconos

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KIDDER TOWNSHIP -- Check your skis and snowboards at the door.  They aren't welcome on this hill during the "Cardboard Classic" at Jack Frost Ski Resort in Carbon county.

"We are here to party and get this baby down the hill," said Mike Pettine of Bensalem.

"This is our fourth year doing it as a team, my fifth year coming up here," said Shawn Dugan, Allentown. "We love coming up here and having a great time."

WMMR -- a radio station from Philadelphia -- has hosted the event for 11 years now.

Each year, it brings in huge crowds to see brave souls plunge down a hill in some elaborate cardboard sleds.

"So much creativity. I love the creativity of everyone," said Ken Delise of Chester County.

Many of these masterpieces are made with cardboard, glue, string and tape... and some take hours, days, weeks -- even months -- to create.

"We got some regular packing tape on the bottom to make it nice and slick and everything else is about 60 hours of wasted time," said Ryan Mauger of Limerick.

"This is the, stop it. This is the pub trolley," said Pettine. "We were going to build a trolley but then our ADD kicked in and we said let's make it into a bar, so that's what we did. We turned it into a bar and it's fantastic."

Some people were nervous that the warm weather was going to have an impact on this annual race but Mother Nature pulled through and the sleds are going down just fine.

...well, almost all the sleds.

Some suffered loss -- of both cardboard and passenger.

"As soon as we hit the stop all I felt was him go over and double back. I regret nothing. Then he flips and gets up," said Tibor Puskas, Philadelphia.

"Oh it's a blast. As soon as you get to the top and you break down, it's so much fun. You can hear the crowds cheering, it's enjoyable," said Dugan.

For those who preferred not to get a face full of snow, watching from the sidelines was just as fun.

"Everyone is pretty cool and really chill. They are here to have a great time, so it's awesome," said Eliza Eder, Philadelphia.

Winners get prizes and bragging rights, that is until next year's race.