Barber Celebrates Six Decades of Haircuts in Northumberland County

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ELYSBURG -- When it comes to cutting hair, Jim "Stecky" Williams could probably do it with his eyes closed.

He recently celebrated his 60th anniversary as a barber, marking six decades in his shop along Market Street in Elysburg.

"I can't wait to get down here everyday," he said.

Stecky is 83 years old -- a third generation barber, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Though Stecky only works half-days these days, he still cuts quite a lot of hair.

"I'd say when I was in my prime, I'd do 125 to 130 a week," he said.

Stecky -- well-known and well-respected throughout the area for his craft -- makes his shop a friendly place for customers to catch up.

"He's fun to talk to, he's a friend. He became a friend over the years," said John Lamb of Elysburg, a loyal customer of Stecky's.

Customers told Newswatch 16 one of Stecky's favorite things to talk about is football -- particularly his favorite teams: Southern Columbia and Notre Dame.

"A good Christian man, he loves the Lord, we talk about that as well," added Joe Springer of Elysburg. "He's just a terrific guy in the community."

Stecky says it's his customers that keep him clipping -- even after all these years.

"I love to talk, and they'll tell you that I love to talk," Stecky added, with a laugh.