Windy Weather Knocks Out Power

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ELDRED TOWNSHIP -- Thousands of people throughout our region found themselves without power Thursday.

High winds and trees into wires seemed to be the cause for many of the outages.

Some early risers in Kunkletown say the power went out around 5 a.m. Thursday.

According to PPL officials, more than 2,000 homes and businesses found themselves in the dark and some could find themselves in that darkness until 11 p.m.

Jeff Kaiser from Eldred Township fired up his generator on this blustery March day. The wind knocked out his power as well as thousands of others throughout our region.

"Yeah, the power at 5, 5:15, it went out and we had to get the boys up and ready for the bus and school. It's hard when the power is out."

According to a spokesperson for PPL, more than 2,000 homes and businesses were left without power. A lot of the outages were caused by trees on wires and high winds. Utility crews were seen driving all over Monroe County.

"I turned over this morning to look at the clock and there was nothing happening, we were out," said Jack Yarashas.

In the Kunkletown area, hundreds of people had to find ways to work around the outage.

"Yeah, I'm trying to get my generator started. I haven't used it in so long, I don't know if it will start up. It might take a while but I'll get it going," said Kaiser.

While some will have to wait to have their power turned back on, some got a little lucky and had it turned on a little early.

Jack Yarashas says his power came on shortly after noon, but he found plenty to do while he was in the dark.

"I did some paperwork that I normally don't sit down and do so I took care of that and then I went out and started raking up some grasses that I had cut down and cleaned up winter's mess and debris and I did all that."

Yarashas says he was surprised his power came back faster than some of his neighbors.

"About four or five years ago, I remember the power went out and it was like we were the last ones to get power and it took forever."

A majority of the power has been restored but PPL officials say some customers may still experience outages until at least 11 p.m. Thursday.

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