Tree Falls on Family during Morning Commute

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CHERRY RIDGE TOWNSHIP -- A woman taking her kids to school became trapped in her car when a tree came crashing down on top of it.

High winds knocked that tree onto the mom's SUV in Wayne County Thursday morning.

She was trapped in her vehicle for a bit in Cherry Ridge Township, just south of Honesdale.

Katie Davitt says the winds already caused power outages at her home but she never would have imagined those winds would've caused a tree to fall on her SUV.

"Every day, every day I've driven down that road and I've gone by those trees and I just never thought that would've happened," Davitt said.

A typical drive to school and work for Kelliann Davitt and her two young sons was interrupted when a tree fell on her SUV near Honesdale.

Kelliann said she was driving down the Owego Turnpike and a few minutes into the ride, she saw the tree falling.

"I saw it coming down out of the corner of my eye and there was nothing you can do. Only thing you can do is brace and not hit the front end of the car and fortunately, it hit the windshield and back."

As the tree fell on her car Davitt says she had to make a very quick decision to save her two children in the back and herself.

"Even though it happened, I still feel lucky because another three inches, it would've hit my boys through a moon roof so I am grateful it hit where it hit and hit me instead of them."

A tow truck driver from Paul's Towing towed the car to their shop and says he has seen many car wrecks but not one quite like this.

"This was a little more serious because you are worried about everybody and you're driving down the road and a tree falling on your car isn't a good thing to happen," said Paul Torres.

Kelliann was able to escape after being trapped for a bit, suffering only cuts to her face and arm.

Because of the weather, she made her two sons wear winter hats and she thinks that helped them escape unharmed.

"In fact, we were joking this morning because I didn't want to put winter hats on them but I decided to put winter hats on them. They have the side edges and because of the winter hats, my boy on the passenger side didn't sustain any serious injuries."

Kelliann considers herself and children very lucky to survive without any serious injuries.

State police in Honesdale are still investigating on what may have caused the crash.

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    Thank God you all didn’t get hurt worse and your boys are safe! How scary that must’ve been!

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