Powerful Winds Topple Partially Built Barn In Wyoming County

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LEMON TOWNSHIP -- Powerful winds wreaked havoc at a farm in Wyoming County. A barn that was under construction was brought down by those strong gusts Wednesday night, devastating the family who owns it.

Planks of wood and metal lay crumpled on the ground at the Locust Grove Farm near Tunkhannock as a partially built barn became a victim of the heavy winds overnight.

Dennis Brown took over the farm from his parents and building the barn was one of his first projects as owner.

Seeing it twisted on the ground had him clearly emotional.

“Yeah, the wind kept us up all night,” said Brown. “Like I said I went up there at one o'clock in the morning, she was flat. Well at least nobody got hurt, you know?”

“It's an endeavor for him. It's the first time he's tried a big project like this kind of heart-wrenching,” said Brown’s mother, Donna.

The Brown family says the barn, a 200-by-60-foot structure, is going to hold farm equipment and a workshop, and even though it was only under construction for a week and a half, a lot had been done.

“It was up, the rafters were on it, half the roof was on it. They were going to start putting some more siding, roofing on next. They had a lot of work to do yet, but it was going up faster than I thought,” said Donna.

The Brown's neighbor was shocked to see the barn when he came outside in the morning.

“First thing I noticed was that my little electric tree was blowing over and I said, ‘Hey my tree blew down.’ Then I looked across and said, ‘Whoa! The whole barn blew down across the street too',” said neighbor Gene Vanessendelf.

Now the Brown family says they'll just have to start over again.

“Oh, we're waiting for the insurance adjusters to come now to see what's going on,” said Donna.

“Yeah that's going to be tricky dealing with insurance, but we'll get through it. We'll put her back up,” said Dennis.

The Browns say the contractor building the barn was there Thursday morning to assess the damage.

The family is hoping to have their insurer out in the next few days.

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