Improvements Planned for Bloomsburg Pool

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BLOOMSBURG -- While some community swimming pools in our area are closing, Bloomsburg is trying to keep the town's public pool open for years to come. But that plan may require closing the pool for an entire year.

A large tarp covers the Norris Rock Memorial Pool also known as the Bloomsburg Pool. The public swimming pool has been part of the community for more than 60 years and it needs some work.

"Add something like a zero entrance where you can walk into the pool. That gives more access to more people over the long haul. And from there maybe add some fun features to the pool that would make it more enjoyable for the youth," said director of government services Charles Fritz.

Town officials hope to raise $1.5 million to pay for the work. The project is being done in phases. Phase one is the design phase which will cost about $5,000.

Organizers want people to know that the pool will open as scheduled this year, but as for next year with construction plans looming, the future of the pool is up in the air.

"We wanted to get word out to everybody that we wanted to get repairs and everything done, but all that is a lot of critical timing as far as fundraising and getting contractors in to do the work," Fritz said.

Officials are looking for suggestions from people about what changes they would like to see at the pool and the snack bar.

"They probably just still have candy and snacks like that that's really not healthy for kids and so I think it would just be a good improvement to upgrade the facilities they already have," suggested Lincoln Buttrick.

"I haven't seen any specific programs where young people are encouraged to come in. The summertime, that's the time they should strike and say we need people to come in," said Martin Elkanh.

Click here if you'd like to donate to the Bloomsburg Pool project.

The goal is to start the work sometime this fall.

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