Cleaning Up During the Great American Cleanup

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Cans, bottles, paper, and plastic -- we all use them but unfortunately, many of them end up on the side of the road instead of in the trash.

The hope is to pick up thousands of pounds of this stuff as we kick off the Great American Cleanup.

This year's effort just started here in Pennsylvania.

"It's better to have the place look nice. Who wants to walk out and see trash on the ground?" said Donna Weber, Coolbaugh Township.

On a stretch of Laurel Drive near Tobyhanna, all kinds of trash can be found on the side of the road.

Donna Weber tries to do her part to clean it up.

"We try to keep up the area, my husband, he goes up the road and picks up the trash," said Weber.

Some people are already putting together a team to help clean up litter.

"I think it's important, Dennis and I, my neighbor, we talked about it before to go out and pick up the garbage. It's just something that should be done," said Todd Sims, Coolbaugh Township.

It's not just residential areas that deal with littler, highways are covered, too. Waste officials say it's a shame because a lot of this stuff can be reused.

"You can reduce, reuse and recycle. I mean it all can be made into other things," said Capt. Jacqueline Bagu, Monroe County Waste Authority.

Monroe County Waste Authority Captain Jacqueline Bagu, says the department offers supplies for volunteers who want to go out and help beautify neighborhoods and highways during the Great American Cleanup.

"It's really important to try and get out there and do it regularly, at least during this period," said Capt. Bagu.

The cleanup runs through May 31, 2017.

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  • Dave

    A good way to solve the problem is to hire unemployed people to video them at hot spots, the state will make a bundle on fines and get people working. Then we can get into the construction companies hired by the state to do road work because after they are done you can fill a garbage truck with what they left behind.

  • kara

    This is what is wrong with our country… I guess it is PRESIDENT TRUMPS fault people throw litter out of their car windows?!?! SMH People treat this planet as if we had another one to go to… UGH!

  • Chuck

    Washington needs to get a bigger broom for clean up..since Trump the liar in Chief took over…the Russians have successfully infiltrated our highest levels of government…yet people continue to support this crap.

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