Voters in Lycoming County Optimistic After Trump’s Speech

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WILLIAMSPORT -- In his first speech to Congress, President Donald Trump called for solidarity between parties to repair our country. Why not talk to the real repairmen and women in Williamsport to find out what they think about trump's plan to mend America.

We spoke to the real repairmen and women in Williamsport to find out what they think about Trump's plan to mend America.

"I'm enthused with what I'm seeing with him, and from last night being very presidential,” said Harry Boyer.

"Now it's time to put the country together instead of all the division,” said Bob Clark.

Bob Clark repairs apartments. He comes to East End Pro Center on East Third Street almost every day. Tuesday night, he stayed up to watch President Trump's first address to Congress.

"I like the fact that he wants to kill ISIS." said Clark.

"People in this area want to be sure we have jobs. We want to be sure that our country is taking care of us and that we are protected, and I think he's doing that," said Boyer.

"I think that all presidential speeches kind of all sound the same. They are all prewritten,” said Ashley Potrzebowski.

Both sides of the aisle shared a powerful moment applauding Carryn Owens. Her husband Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens was killed in action a month ago during a raid in Yemen.

"I like that he honored our fallen heroes. They don't get enough attention," said Clark.

That standing ovation also meant a lot to the veterans inside the VFW in Williamsport.

"Our men and women that are in uniform right now have been through hell, to be honest with you,” said Clyde Thorne.

Thorne hopes President Trump stays true to his campaign promises, namely his plan to create more jobs, right here in America.


  • Conroy

    For me it’s not just fact checking. It’s the lack of explaining HOW he will do the things he claims to do that gets me. He did a good speech. But it was just a speech. Untill you see actual results like he promised you should always be critical, and this applies to ALL presidents.

    • WarningFakeNews

      Trump’s already done a great deal of the things he said he would do, but it wouldn’t be something anyone who just watches the mainstream media would know about. They’re too busy chasing shiny objects to be bothered with covering the substantive actions Trump’s taking. The funny thing about all of this is that they KNOW they are chasing shiny objects, ABC has even alluded to that in The Note, but like a dog chasing squirrels, they cannot stop themselves.

      Meanwhile, whatever was left of the credibility has vanished, and the democrats have no clue where to turn now that the serious thinkers have abandoned them. Resist, resist, resist. When you embrace the work of thugs to do your dirty work protesting, you risk getting locked up yourself.

      • Conroy

        Please, tell me one thing he’s done that he said he would on the campaign. Besides deporting illegal immigrants for a parking ticket and letting police slam native Americans and military vets on the ground for protesting a pipeline that could pollute water on THEIR land. oh wait none of this is happening right, it’s all fake news…

      • WarningFakeNews

        Pulled out of TPP, Cut regulations, beefing up the border patrol, put the border wall up for bids by contractors, effectively eliminated the teeth of the Obamacare mandate which the IRS no longer will enforce if people don’t “check the box”, brought jobs back, saved billions of dollars on federal contracts, I could go on and list everything- but just that is more than Obama did FOR this country, and it’s only been a little more than a month.

  • robyn

    Why do the whiners and complainers who dont like the President always cry about fact-checking? It was Hillary Clinton that needed fact-checking, she lied more than any political in history.

    • Feed Me More

      just because someone says something is true doesnt make it so, facts are facts, the earth is round and circles the sun, you can argue facts and say its flat and 1000 years old, but your still wrong

  • Feed Me More

    go to any fact checking site and see for yourself that everything this guy says is a lie, every statement and “fact” is false, wont be long before he is impeached

    • WarningFakeNews

      The New York Times fact check of his speech said that this speech was almost all true. He’s not said anything new here, this is what he was saying all along. Fact checkers are almost always just one more layer of liberal bias applied to try and discredit anyone in the GOP and to add much needed credibility to the mainstream media which almost no one believes any more. But, by all means, keep up the resist tactics, as Carl Jung said, “What you resist, persists.”

  • WarningFakeNews

    President Trump’s supporters have heard this all before. There was nothing new in this speech, and that’s why we loved it. He’s doing what he promised to do.

  • Givemeabreak

    We all know Donald Trump doesn’t talk like this because he isn’t a politician. He just says whatever is on his mind. That’s what’s so refreshing that he isn’t a politician, or is he now?

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