Vandalism in Carbon County

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SUMMIT HILL -- A storage building at Ginder Field in Summit Hill is typically used for community activities, but recently it's been used as a target for vandalism.

Authorities say it was broken into and damaged last Friday.

"It's a shame that the kids or whoever did it is damaging property like that. I mean, they use it for festivals and stuff like that," said Bob O'Gurek, Summit Hill.

The vandals caused significant damage to the outside and inside of the building.

Borough Police Chief Jospeh Fittos tells Newswatch 16 a witness saw a young man kicking the door.

You can see footprints and a broken handle; it's just some of the damage.

"Borough workers found that the doors were kicked in, and metal was ripped off of the electrical box. They tried to start a fire inside and it smelled like urine in there, so it's now boarded up," said Chief Joseph Fittos, Summit Hill Police Department.

Not far from the field is Ludlow Park, and vandals made their mark there, too. They actually ripped out two of the pegs from the pavilion.

Authorities are not sure if the two incidents are related.

Sharon Chapman owns a business right across the street from the pavilion. She, too, has seen young people causing mischief.

"It's just terrible that the kids have nothing better to do than to vandalize public property," said Chapman.

The hope is to add some lighting and security cameras to prevent this kind of problem.

Officials say they hope to have the building back up and running by spring.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Summit Hill Police Department.

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