Suspected Meth Lab in Susquehanna County; Investigators Thank Anonymous Tips

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DIMOCK TOWNSHIP -- State police in Susquehanna County were busy Tuesday night cleaning out a suspected meth lab, filled with chemicals, pills and even guns.

Klay Marcy, 19, is charged with possession and selling methamphetamines inside a home on Carter Road in Dimock Township.

The bust is just one of several drugs busts spearheaded by law enforcement over the last year.

"It's the only way we're going to take control of this problem plaguing not only our community but our state and country as a whole," said Susquehanna County District Attorney Robert Klein.

Newswatch16 was there a little more than one year ago, when Klein unveiled the county's new website portal where residents could submit anonymous tips to law enforcement about drug crimes in their area.

And Klein credits some online anonymous tips with helping investigators on this case, adding just another source of information for investigators.

"For example, we may find a car that is dealing drugs in this area but we may see it in another area," he added. "We may not get that information if we didn't have residents taking an active role in reporting what is suspected activity."

Even when she is walking her dog Gizmo, Amy Tompkins of Montrose has seen a difference in the crackdown on crime. Before the website, it was difficult submitting tips to police.

"If you put your name out there, it's helping the cops out but it's such a small community that it 's going to come back and bite you," she explained.

But people like Michael Bollinger and his family, they see the change in some parts of the community, but not others. And for Bollinger, that means more people need to speak up to have their voice heard.

"People need to police their neighborhoods, crime watch and then know that when they make a report, at least somebody is taking it seriously," said the Bridgewater Township resident.

To submit an anonymous tip about illegal drug activity going on in Susquehanna County, click here.