Scranton Nurses Rally

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SCRANTON -- Even with Wednesday's announcement to hire 2,000 workers, nurses and medical staff rallied outside Geisinger CMC in Scranton.

They tell us there's a shortage of nurses at the hospital.

Some here at the rally in Scranton say nurses have quit because of the hours and workload.


  • Jack

    My wife worked as a nurse at CMC and GCMC for 39 years. After Geisinger took over nurse staffing got much worse. She worked 12 hour shifts that usually turned into 13-14 hours. Most of the time she didn’t even get a lunch. The staffing issues were the main reason she left a few years before she wanted to retire. This was not just bad for the nurses but more so for the patient quality of care. Hey, at least they have a nice piano in the lobby.

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