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Police Investigating Break-Ins in Luzerne County

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- Police in Luzerne County were busy overnight investigating two break-ins at two small businesses just a few miles apart from each other.

One of the break-ins happened at a golf course in Exeter, where money was stolen from a cash register.

In Kingston, security video shows a man breaking through what was a glass door with a hammer, and then stealing only a bottle of water and some prenatal vitamins.

Security video shows a man looking around before smashing through a glass door with a hammer at the Heat Wave Tanning Salon in Kingston. It happened around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, just an after it closed.

"I was just hoping that he didn't take any of the money," said Bobby Wall who owns the tanning salon, along with his wife, who is pregnant.

He showed us security video of the man searching around the counter, but instead of going for the cash register, he takes a bottle of prenatal vitamins.

"Unbelievable! We're blessed. We really are because he didn't look at it one time," said Wall.

Then, the man in the video wanders over to a refrigerator, takes out a bottle of water, and drinks it.

"Yeah, he had the audacity to come in and drink a water while he was in here. He was in here for a good seven, eight minutes."

His store wasn't the only business targeted overnight.

"We have our glass shattered, our money stolen! " said Danica Fosko.

Fosko runs the Four Seasons Golf course in Exeter. Photos from a security camera there show a man using a crowbar to break into the golf shop. He then opens a cash register, taking $240.

"You feel violated," said Fosko. "We're a small, family-owned business, and we're trying to repair our golf course, and any little money counts at this point!"

Police do not think the crimes are connected. The man who broke into the golf shop was wearing gloves and a light-colored hoodie, and was also carrying a messenger bag. He did not leave much evidence behind.

But at the tanning salon, the man who broke in left blood at the scene. He actually appears to hurt himself after cutting his hand when he smashed through the door.

Both owners hope whoever broke into the businesses get caught.

"I just hope that we're able to find who it is, for peace of mind, so this doesn't happen again to any other businesses," said Fosko.

"I just hope we get justice," said Wall.

Police in Luzerne County are still investigating. They ask if you know any information about these crimes to call them.

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