Inter-County Bus Pass to Make Commute Cheaper for Riders

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SCRANTON -- Before now, to ride the bus between Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties, you had to change services and pay for two different passes. This week, the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) and the Luzerne County Transportation Authority (LCTA) are excited to announce their partnership that will help make the commute easier and cheaper for riders.

COLTS and LCTA announced the partnership Monday.

"We really like the idea of working with Luzerne County and partnering with them to make everything easier for customers all over Northeastern Pennsylvania," said COLTS Communications Director Gretchen Wintermantel.

The bus services launched the Inter-County 31-Day Bus Pass Wednesday, and passengers were pleased.

"I would hop on in a heartbeat because if I could take a bus to Luzerne or Wyoming or wherever to see my family, I would do it in a heartbeat if it helps me save money," said Daniel Kupetsky of Scranton.

The monthly pass is $60 and will allow you unlimited access to all routes on both bus systems.

For Liam McGuinnis, he lives and works in Lackawanna County and uses the bus every day. He says this will now open up more options for him.

"So I'll be researching stuff to do in Luzerne County to do with my daughter," McGuiness said.

The agencies are hopeful that this not only helps commuters getting from county to county, but they also hope this will get more people riding the buses.

"Look at the mileage you put on your car if you live in Wilkes Barre and work in Scranton, paying for gas and paying for parking. This is a perfect alternative to that," Wintermantel said.

You will still need to change services in either Old Forge, Pittston, or at Mohegan Sun. However, that might soon change, too.

We're also looking at a route into Wilkes-Barre, so until that happens, this certainly alleviates that I think," Wintermantel explained.

You can purchase a pass at the Lackawanna Transit Center, COLTS headquarters on North South Road in Scranton, the LCTA Intermodal Center, LCTA Administrative Offices, or online at either county website.