For People Too Busy To Attend Ash Wednesday Service, Church Provides Drive-Thru

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- Pews replaced by car seats, rolled down windows instead of stained glass.

Christians were able to openly mark Ash Wednesday without having to attend service near Brodheadsville. This is the fourth year Zion United Lutheran Church was able to provide on-the-go ashes.

While some people stayed in the car, others decided to hop out of their cars to receive a prayer. This is open to members of any church, people of any faith that observes Ash Wednesday.

"I've really enjoyed the interaction with folks that I've never met. They seem to feel so blessed by it, and we at Zion are delighted to provide that," said Rev. Ann Melot.

Realizing people have busy schedules, the drive-thru on Ash Wednesday gives people a chance to reflect, and then they can go on their way.

"We offer this to those who can't at least you are taking a moment to recognize the solemnity of the occasion," says Rev. Melot.

For Katherine Roca, she is grateful to spend a moment with her family.

"It's pretty special. We like to do things as a family so it's always nice," said Roca.

As the faithful drive off with their ashes, the church wants them to know they are more than welcome back for a full service on Easter Sunday six weeks from now.

A church in Ireland provided a similar service on this Ash Wednesday.