Leap Day Baby Skips First Birthday

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JERMYN -- It`s safe to say that all moms wish they could stop time.  Time is stopped, in a way, for Jennifer Fernando and her daughter Violet.

Newswatch 16 met her for the second time as she was all dressed up at home in Jermyn for her first birthday, which won't come this year: February 29.

"She will be young forever, lucky her, she will be four when she`s 21," Jennifer said.

Newswatch 16 first met Violet one year ago in the maternity ward of Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.  Violet's delivery came with some complications.  Topping that list, she was never supposed to be a leap day baby.

"When they induced me I expected to have her on the 26th or the 27th, and then it happened to be leap day. I was just like, everything happens for a reason. I believe she`s the reason for everything, she`s our miracle," Jennifer added.

The Fernandos suffered a miscarriage before Violet.  Her unusual timing, they say, turned their luck around.

"We still struggle, but I feel like Violet has really brought a lot of luck to us," Jennifer said.

Mom says when she's old enough, they will let Violet pick which day she wants to celebrate her birthday.  Except, of course, on those years when February 29th rolls around.

She might miss her birthday this year, but there's no doubt a lot's happened in this first year.

"I`m very grateful for all her accomplishments in this year and everything that this year has brought us, but it`s been hard," Jennifer said.