UPDATE: Charges Withdrawn in Fight between Mother, Daughter

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UPDATE: All charges against Rankin were withdrawn on May 11, according to court documents.

MOUNT POCONO — A mother is charged with assault after a fight with her daughter.

Police say Junia Rankin, 53, of Mount Pocono, and her daughter got into a fight after the daughter opened the refrigerator door too hard and it hit her.

The daughter was taken to the hospital.

Officers said the father tried to break up the fight, and Rankin threatened him with a knife.

Rankin faces assault and terroristic threats charges in Monroe County.


  • Alex

    Uhm I’m sorry. You clearly don’t know Junia at all. You don’t know our family. You shouldn’t comment on things when you’re lacking information because you turn out to look extremely foolish. For a woman of your age, minding your own business should’ve been something you MASTERED by now. Assaulting your PREGNANT 8 month pregnant child is UNACCEPTABLE. By the look of your comment, I now see why you’re friends with her… because I’m your world assaulting pregnant women is okay lol. Please get a life.

  • Hailey

    It’s funny how you think because you “think” you know her that you “know” her family. Leave these people alone during their time of grief. You know nothing dumb bitch

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