Driver Admits to DUI Crash that Killed Motorcyclist

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SCRANTON -- A woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to homicide charges for a DUI crash that killed a Lackawanna College student.

Police say Lisa Mecca of Dickson city was under the influence and behind the wheel last April when she struck Shane Rivenburgh's motorcycle.

Rivenburgh was on his motorcycle on Business Route 6 in April of 2016 when police say a vehicle driven by Mecca of Dickson City hit and killed him.

Investigators say toxic levels of prescription drugs were found in her system, including a painkiller and Xanax.

Police say because Mecca had a prior DUI, she faces a minimum of three years in prison. Mecca surrendered her license and will be sentenced in a few months.


  • common sense stuff

    the motorcyclist wasn’t drunk, but guilty of stupidity for being on a bike in the first place. Any other vehicle and the driver walks away.

    • A simple Biker

      SO because the person was on a motorcycle instead of in a car or truck they were stupid? You do realize that for some people, a motorcycle is their only source of transportation back and forth to school or work.But I just cant get over the concept of being on a motorcycle is makes a person stupid. So I guess that would make me stupid as well seeing how I have been riding a motorcycle for the past 25 years myself and never been injured on it. It really is a shame people have to degrade someone or talk down to someone or about someone just for the simple fact they dont agree with the other person’s lifestyle or choices. You dont know if that bike was inherited,restored or built by the person on a cheap budget so they did have transportation. You are whats wrong with humanity today and what is driving our country’s future into the ground.Educate yourself next time before you speak.People hear and read enough stupid shit with politics as it is.

    • Morgan

      Alcohol is not the only substance ingested that can impair driving. When you get past the third grade you may understand this better.

    • Bill K.

      Frank, I have no idea why you’re being downvoted. Perhaps those who don’t like it never lost someone close to them. I know we’re supposed to forgive and all that happy BS. Sorry, there’s no way I could forgive. I’d be sitting in the front row of the execution holding a sign saying “does it hurt yet?” Actually, there IS a better use for these individuals. Forced organ donation. Assuming they’re clean of course. Let’s drain all their blood. Let’s pop out the corneas. Harvest the heart, lungs, kidneys…anything else that can be harvested. Let’s skin them to use as skin grafts. And what if they’re full of AIDS or whatever else? Great opportunity for a living test subject to cure whatever ails them. Not just their underlying disease. Let’s give them colds/flu and experiment with different cold/flu meds. After 10 years of 4-5 colds and 2-3 flu infections each year let’s move on to something nasty like cancer. I can go on and on…..

      • Scaredofyou

        Ok. While I agree DUI’s that result in death or serious bodily injury to another deserve stiffer sentences, murder is murder, I think you’re going a bit far. I’m sorry if you’ve lost someone to an impaired driver, you have my condolences, however wishing the amount of suffering on another person such as you have described goes way beyond not being able to forgive, which I’d understandable. You’re entering psycho territory. If that kind of suffering would assuage your feelings on your loss then I have a feeling your just as dangerous as the impaired driver, or more so.

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        Distracted driving is just as bad or worse sometimes than being under the influence. Lost my brother due to a distracted driver making “an improper left turn” (that was the charge) by drifting into his lane and hitting his motorcycle head on. The absolute anger and rage I felt then (nearly 7 years ago) has only dissipated a little bit. He was father, brother, son — and all the driver got was a ticket. I totally understand wanting someone to pay for taking a life….. while I wouldn’t go as far as the other poster, jail time should be required when someone is killed by your negligence. They should also be forced to sit and listen to family and friends talk about the person whose life was stolen by their lapse in judgement.

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