At Montage Mountain, Repairing and Trying to Reopen

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MONTAGE MOUNTAIN  -- The storm Saturday damaged Montage Mountain Ski Resort in Scranton. The place is still at least a couple of days away from reopening.

Dozens are working to get the resort back in shape.

The whoosh of skis and snowboards is replaced by the roar of chain saws. And heavy machinery isn't grooming snow. It's getting rid of it. An excavator is building an access road to get more trucks and heavy equipment to Montage's problem area.

This ski resort in Scranton didn't take a direct hit from Saturday afternoon's tornado, but it was close enough. High winds destroyed nearly 100 trees. The trees play a vital role here.

"It helps conserve the snow pack. Besides just aesthetics, it does a lot for us, and preserves the wildlife and everything," said operations director Jack Spitzer.

And when the trees tipped, their root balls flipped. That took out water lines. With no water, there is no snowmaking.

The goal now is to get the broken trees out, fix the water, and turn the power back on.

"They took a few power lines down. There was a little bit of damage to our pipelines. We're working as fast as we can and getting everything back in shape," said Spitzer.

Spitzer took Newswatch 16 on a tour of the storm damage. Some of it is evident as soon as you enter the Montage parking lot.

Trees weren't the only thing that took a hit during the Saturday afternoon storm. 250 feet above the Montage Mountain parking lot there is bent and twisted equipment on top of a cell phone tower.

The best-case scenario is for Montage to reopen Thursday. Friday or Saturday seem more likely according to management and in the spring, they plan to replant the trees the storm destroyed.


  • Walter Halal

    Like they’re gonna be making any more snow this year. Sounds like a scam to get “disaster relief” funds to keep themselves afloat for another year.

    • Michael

      From tomorrow night until Monday, its going to be below freezing. Cold enough to blow snow. And with the existing snow pack still on the mountain, they can still make money if they get open fast enough.

      • Walter Halal

        The season is almost over anyway, the warm weather has wiped out any base they had. Do you have any idea how much it costs to run the pumps and compressors to make snow? Not worth it at this point.

  • T-Bone

    Why the rush to open? Are you delusional?? Weather’s been in the 60’s & more rain on the way tomorrow. The only whoosh will be of tumble weeds blowing through, not of skis and snowboards!

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