Arrest in Double Homicide in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A third man is now under arrest for a double homicide in Williamsport that took place on Halloween.

Police say Casey Wilson, 20, drove two men to a home on Poplar Street that night with the intention of robbing one of the people inside. Instead, Kristine Kibler and her son Shane Wright were killed.

The two alleged gunmen were arrested earlier in connection with the double homicide in Williamsport.


  • Numbers Lie?

    It’s not my place to judge or anything but what about the HUGE influx of Muslim crime recently?

  • despicable

    Jessica, I’m guessing you are a gf to a thug doing state time. Are you fat and white with low self-esteem? Are you raising his 8 kids that you are a mother to none of them? Your parents must be so proud!

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      The correct term would be “yarmulke”. If you educate yourself a bit you’d know it’s a taqiyah that he’s wearing. But by all means, continue in your ignorance.

      • Just Another Human

        I met an elderly man of Jewish faith who was wearing the taqiyah. He said he would wear a yarmulke if he could find them. That being said, some wear the taqiyah as a substitute for the yarmulke. But of course, this guy could be either of Jewish or Islamic faith.

        But it isn’t my place nor yours or anyone else’s to judge someone because of their faith. Let one’s faith not influence your prejudice. It doesn’t matter if that person is Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, or Christian. We are all human. And the few sickos and their actions (compared to millions or billions of people of the same faith) from each and every religion are not to be associated with the rest. You’re just going to scare yourself more than you need to be and ultimately screw your life up.

      • Meh

        “And the few sickos and their actions” implying that the majority of muslims dont agree with sharia law nor its enforcement, nor the fact most acts of terrorism are committed by muslime…you need to get edumacated son. to many years of watching CNN i think ;)

      • Survey Says...

        Religion is the root of most problems, greed/money being second.
        I like to wear hats too. I call my special hat a ball cap, but I dont play baseball. Crazy.

      • Just Another Human

        And yet Sharia Law is against terrorism. You, my good friend, need to be educated. And I wasn’t talking about Muslims in particular. I was talking about everyone. I’d start quoting the Bible, but it’s a useless argument, as that was written thousands of years ago.

      • Just Another Human

        And also, I’m not a big fan of CNN. Or Fox. Or anyone.
        Do you honestly thing ALL 1.2 billion Muslims are out for us? I think not. We wouldn’t be here if that were the case.

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