Uh Oh, Oscars! Moviegoers Confused by Oscars Mishap

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LEWISBURG -- Once a year the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg rolls out the red carpet so moviegoers can feel like a part of Hollywood’s big night while watching the Oscars on the big screen.

"We have emcees in the lobby who do the same kind of thing on the TV at the official red carpet," said Jenni Stieler.

"I love the movies. My boyfriend and I watched a bunch at the Campus Theatre when they came out,” said Shelby Leuders.

Leuders was watching the Oscars at home. Then came the moment when the night's biggest award was handed out.

"He (Warren Beatty) was reading. He like looks at the envelope, and he was like kind of like, this isn't. He showed it to the person next to him and she just read 'La La Land.' Everyone starts crowding the stage for 'La La Land,' and everyone starts giving their speech and then somebody is like, 'Wait a minute.' I thought it was something Jimmy Kimmel was doing," said Lueders.

"I saw out of the corner of my eye, seemed like something was happening," said Andy Gabrysiak.

Something did happen, "La La Land" was announced as Best Picture by mistake. The presenters were handed the wrong envelope.

I was just like a plateau. We were all like, 'What is happening even?'" said Lueders.

Millions of people watched the Oscars live Sunday night, but most of the folks we spoke with say the first time they heard about it was Monday morning on social media.

"I think the whole internet stopped for a second," said Lueders.

"I mean they have had so many Oscars. They've never really done this," said Michael Chen.

"I just think someone is getting fired today for messing up some envelopes,” said Lueders.

An Oscars blunder similar to this one has happened before. Sammy Davis Jr. was given the wrong envelope for Best Music Score at the Academy Awards in 1964.


  • Walter White

    “He (Warren Beatty) was reading. He like looks at the envelope, and he was like kind of like, this isn’t.”

    Yep, this isn’t like totally kind of like not unconfused.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Uh Oh, Oscars! Moviegoers Confused by Oscars Mishap……………………………………………………………………………..
    Good thing the rating are way down for this years Oscars…not many people seen it….
    Maybe if they Concentrated on the Oscars, Vs bashing Trump all night they would have gotten it right the first time….

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    A new scientific study shows that one out of three liberals is just as stupid as the other two.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Meanwhile, the business model of motion pictures being released to theatres first is at the edge of the cliff.

    The people patting each other on the back had better make sure they’re not standing close to the edge.

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