Police Find More Videos from Accused ‘Bathroom Peeper’

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WRIGHT TOWNSHIP -- Police in Luzerne County have discovered more videos allegedly taken by the accused "bathroom peeper" in a restaurant bathroom.

Wright Township police and Luzerne County detectives found more videos on another electronic storage device allegedly taken by Juan Prieto, a former employee of Luigi’s Restaurant in Mountain Top.

The videos were apparently taken on November 18, 2016. Detectives say that if you were at Luigi's then, you should contact Wright Township police.

Prieto was arrested earlier this week for allegedly taking videos in that restaurant.

Authorities ask if you've been to Luigi's on February 18, January 21, and November 18, to please contact Wright Township Police.

Detectives are also trying to confirm whether or not Prieto is legally allowed to be in the United States. so far, they have not been able to find a valid driver's license, and court papers show the car he left in Luigi's parking lot from over the weekend is not registered under his name.

He left the car there after a woman spotted him allegedly recording her with his cell phone and ran.

Court papers also indicate Prieto told authorities he lived at a home on Wyoming Street in Hazleton, but when Newswatch 16 went there, a woman told us she's lived in the home for the past three years did not know Juan Prieto. When we showed her Prieto's photo, she then said she's never seen the man.

State Representative Tara Toohil's district includes Hazleton. She says since President Trump has been in office, her office has received dozens of concerns from many of her immigrated constituents. She tells them not to worry unless they've committed a serious crime like Prieto's.

"You can be at all different stages of your immigration, but really the focus is going to be securing borders and getting rid of the worst of the worst people, like people who give all immigrants a bad name," said Rep. Toohil.

Rep. Toohil says if Prieto is convicted of those child pornography and invasion of privacy charges, and if Homeland Security finds he is here illegally, he could be deported as part of President Trump's border security plan.



  • democrats have ruined our country

    The authorities didn’t even arrest the right guy! My God, look at the pictures. The father turned himself in to save his son. Are authorities really this stupid? But then again, with all the illegals we have running around, without documentation who knows who any of these slugs are? Thanks Obama. You don’t have to live with this crap. You have a wall around your hours.

  • lucia

    Rep Toohil sounding more like open borders supporter, getting soft on illegals.
    Next election may not be easy for her with serious pro Trump primary and general lining up already.

  • Dana Smith

    FUNNY – earlier reports said his family convinced him to turn himself in , and where is this “other storage device” from we ALSO have that this ILLEGAL worked at that place at one time – Which should get the business charged as they supported illegal immigrants to line their pockets. No one comes foreward to say where he has been living? Are the police protecting a family of illegals at this point?

  • Whimsical

    Lord knows all to well where these scum end back up when they are deported! They need to have a device installed in them that not only tracks them but blows up should they cross a laser perimeter around the usa

  • Conroy

    FYI for all the people who don’t watch the “fake news”. Trump just bared 4 major media outlets from attending his CPAC speech. The associated press (which is unbiased as it gets) and others refused to go in protest. Speaking of protest this administration is trying to make it illegal to protest in 18 states, having the protest organizers arrested and their property seized. If your still on board with Trump at this point, you are a traitor to America and the U.S Constitution.

    • magicmikexxsm

      CONROY , you are an out and out LIAR…hahahahaha lol oh you liberal stooges never learn….
      Trump did no such thing at CPAC…..Now if you are talking about over at the White House Spicer invited a few reporters into the WH for an In Prompt To news confrence which did not include the likes of CNN, and a few other…which caused those news orgs to get their panties all bunched up in a knot……hahahahaha lol you have been schooled with the truth…
      Not your fake post…. idiot.

      • lookback

        “HA.ha,ha,ha”, my god you sound like a 5 year old. Can’t think of anything intelligent to say, I’ll bet you were one of those holding a Russian flag high in the air at CPAC. Now suppose we just say, we are going to restrict the 2nd Amendment and only apply it to certain groups, surely you would be in agreement as it fits with your train of logic. Thanks for letting everyone know you are for restricting the 2nd Amendment as well as others. Finally a tRump supporter with at least half a brain.

    • Conroy

      To answer everyone’s questions and insults. My source is the associated press, magic Mike right back at you as you didn’t make any argument just bluster. And lookback I’m not a liberal l, I’m a libertarian. I love the second amendment and think if more people owned guns we would be safer. Satisfied?


    If he had done this at Target it would have been acceptable and he would not have been reported or deported and its Marijuana that makes people this way!

    • Real facts-not alternative ones

      I would hope not considering little girls were in that restroom with their mothers and were also victims. You need help

      • not above the law

        Huh, what? Are you denying the fact that there are also pedophiles within the law enforcement community??? Of course there is. Did you forget already about the State Trooper who just got arrested for ‘allegedly’ jumping into the sack with a 9 year old girl and asking het for sex? Oh, you do remember now? Well that’s good.

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