Department of Health Investigating PSU Mumps

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SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP -- The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced Friday an investigation into cases of mumps that were first discovered at Penn State's University Park campus last week.

Penn State says it is concerned about 19 possible cases of mumps on its main campus. Four are confirmed.

Now all Penn State campuses are working to make sure students stay healthy.

Penn State University sent out an email to all of its campuses about how to treat someone who has mumps. In fact, Penn State Hazleton had a display out and gave hand sanitizers and other items to try to keep their students healthy.

Penn State Hazleton students were learning tips Friday on how to stay healthy throughout the semester. There was a case of the mumps at Penn State right before the THON 2017 dance marathon fundraiser and staff wanted to make sure their students were prepared.

"Nutrition is difficult, of course," said campus nurse Jennifer LaRegina. "Keeping clean when you are in a small area like that is extremely difficult."

The Department of Health and Penn State's health services are now investigating the mumps cases at University Park.

"All PSU students and visitors should also take steps to make sure vaccinations are up to date, as that is the best way to prevent getting the mumps virus." - Secretary of Health Karen Murphy.

Penn State Hazleton sent 43 students to the THON dance fundraiser last weekend. School officials here were concerned with their students being in close proximity with other students.

Graduate assistant John Washington tells Newswatch 16 everyone who attended THON took precautionary measures to stay germ-free.

"We made sure that everyone had a proper schedule, making sure they were going out and washing their hands, keeping general maintenance to make sure they didn't get sick," said Washington.

Other students at the Hazleton campus were not too concerned with the mumps case.

"When you have 100,000 people at a university, there is bound to be something going around. I wasn't too afraid," said freshman Johnathan Kaschak.

PSU Hazleton administrators tell Newswatch 16 they plan to monitor every student who attended THON. Students with symptoms of the virus should go to a school nurse before having contact with other students

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