Woman Charged in Monroe County Baby Death

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- A woman in Monroe County is facing charges connected with the death of her newborn baby.

The mother -- who lives in A Pocono Country Place in Coolbaugh Township -- is now being charged in connection with the death of her newborn daughter.

Police accuse Lauren Gillard, 33, with abuse of a corpse and concealing the death of a child.

Authorities say Gillard delivered the baby last August in a bathroom, then wrapped her in a towel and put her in a plastic bag.

Court papers say it happened at Gillard's mother's home on Winding Way. Her mother was the one who called 911 after she found her daughter covered in blood.

Gillard told authorities after she gave birth, the baby wasn't moving or crying.

The infant was declared dead at the hospital.

Some neighbors we spoke to tell us they understand why Gillard was charged, but some others say it's a difficult situation and it's tough to place blame.

"I don't know what I would do in a situation like that. I probably would freak and it's probably what she did too, she just freaked," said Ruth Washington of Tobyhanna.

Further testing showed drugs in the child's system.

Authorities say Gillard admitted to taking pills while she was pregnant.

Investigators have not said whether Lauren Gilliard's use of drugs while pregnant had anything to do with the charges against her.

She has a hearing set for March 1.


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