Warmer Weather Has Folks Flocking Outdoors

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BLOOMSBURG -- The Frosty Valley Country Club near Danville is usually, well, frosty this time of year.

But not today! Some people took advantage of the warmer weather and played a round of golf.

"It's wonderful. You don't expect it. You expect to be shoveling snow," Don Gaughenbaugh said.

Temperatures in central Pennsylvania reached about 70 degrees on Thursday, which means quite a lot of people spent the day outside. In fact, this is Don Gaughenbaugh's fourth time playing golf this week.

"Yes, it's great. We're all retired enjoying ourselves," Gaughenbaugh said.

Another place you don't see a lot of people in February is the playground. But that's exactly where Newswatch 16 found some parents and their children in Bloomsburg.

"I have my two sons. They're 4 and 6 and my older daughter and my granddaughter are here. We're so excited to play outside finally," Paula Miller said.

Kidsburg in Bloomsburg was packed with kids and their parents. For many of the kids it was their first time at this playground this year.

"To be able to come to a place like this and say go run and play it's so great," Miller said.

Students at Bloomsburg University also took advantage of the warmer weather. Two freshman set up hammocks on campus.

"It's just nice out and we can chill, listen to music, do our homework, anything really," Danielle Hoover said.

"It's just really nice out. I love being around on the quad when it's nice out and it's just a good place to study and hang out and everything," Meg Ronan said.

Friday is supposed to be warm as well, and people tell Newswatch 16 they are excited about it.


  • Vafreyja

    A reminder: This is supposed to be the second coldest month of the year and La Nina doesn’t account for this.

    • WarningFakeNews

      The earth’s climate has changed dramatically since the planet was created. Weather does not equate to climate, weather is the day to day and year to year differences within a much larger climate paradigm. That the data needs to be fudged and that the ‘scientists’ who were getting government grants to reach a certain conclusions have fought vehemently against peer review of their work- to the extent of wanting to JAIL those who dared question it- doesn’t help your case. Going to weather to argue climate shows the desperation of the left to try and keep this globalist nightmare of wealth redistribution afloat.

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