Teen Battling Brain Tumor Gets Call from Country Superstar

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COGAN STATION -- Heath Heller is used to hearing his little girl sing and seeing that smile. Over the past few years, things have changed. His daughter Delaney, who is now 16 years old, has been battling an inoperable brain tumor for almost six years.

"Not too good. A lot of pain I've been trying school but not lasting more than an hour,” said Delaney

"Delaney has been having a real tough time as of lately and with her surgery coming up in the next few weeks just trying to lift her spirits," said Heath Heller.

Delaney goes for surgery in two weeks. Until then, she says she will have to deal with constant pain in her head and neck.

Dad just couldn't sit back and let that happen. He made a few calls and then Delaney got a ring from Reba. Yes, that Reba.

"My first reaction was like, 'oh, my gosh! Is that seriously Reba McEntire?'" said Delaney.

With help from some friends, through social media one of Delaney’s favorite country singers, Reba McEntire called the family.

Heath didn't answer right away so Reba's call went to voicemail.

"You guys have a lot of great friends that are praying for Delaney and I'm going to join that prayer chain. If I can talk to Delaney, I just want to tell her how special I think she is," said Reba on the phone.

Reba did call back and spoke with Delaney for a few minutes.

"She asked me if I had any questions but I was just like, 'I'm your biggest fan!' I couldn't get anything else out," said Delaney.

"We just have a core of great family and friends and extended friends we won't ever be able to say thank you enough," said Delaney’s dad.

"It made my day! I was feeling awful and it took my mind off of it so that's great,” said Delaney.

And that is exactly what Delaney’s dad hoped for.

To help the Delaney, you can go to any M&T Bank and make a donation under the Delaney Heller Foundation.



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