Talkback Feedback: The F-Word

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In this week's edition of Talkback Feedback, we almost had to censor it! Some callers pushed the envelope on creative and colorful language, as you'll see in this installment.


  • Christine L. Bird

    Thank you;Thank you;Thank you WNEP for addressing this topic..When will people learn they can get their point across w/o using that filth!!! Their tongue should fall out when they use such language!

    • local_gal

      Did you listen to this or make comment on title? fart and hell aren’t “filth”. I assumed this would be about the F-bomb, glad I actually listened. I agree, one can express themselves without use of profanity and filth. It takes a bit more thought though. Listen to conversations all around, grocery stores, the malls, walking down the street. Why has society become so accepting of trash talk, particularly the F-bomb? My one very adult daughter uses it in nearly every sentence and before you all jump on the “children learn what they live” train, she never, ever heard it used in our home. I find it very distasteful and often people get ‘the look’ especially when I have my grandchildren tagging along. Clean it up folks. One does not need to use profanity to make a point. Private conversations? have at it…but, when you are in ear shot of others show some respect.

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