Students Paint Over Graffiti in Downtown Hazleton

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HAZLETON -- A boarded-up building covered with graffiti was getting a whole new look on North Wyoming Street in Hazleton, thanks to a group of students from Hazleton High School.

Students turned up to help clean up Thursday, using the effort as an out-of-the-classroom lesson in how a little effort can make a big difference in their community.

"I'm tired of seeing all this graffiti so I just came down here to help out," said Chayse Evancho.

"People just like to paint on walls and think it's cool but it's not," said Kandase Butler.

These students learned it can be pretty cool to paint over that illegal painting. The students saw pretty quickly their coating of paint was making a big difference.

"Take a couple hours and everything looks way better than what it used to," said Evancho.

"I just want to make it better for the community," added Butler.

The surrounding community quickly showed appreciation, including businesses on the street that have had to look at the eyesore for a while.

"It's very important for our business, for the business in our area, that we have everything clear," said Rafel Polanco.

Rep. Toohil helped organize this and said even if someone does tag this place again, they will just get more paint, and the students will return, adding graffiti sends a bad message.

"It's very few times someone will actually re-graffiti a spot that we've taken care of," said State Representative Tarah Toohil. "It just gives you the general impression that no one cares and you can do whatever you want and that's not true."


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