Protesters Picket Healthcare Repeal Outside Hospital Where Congressman Marino Met With Doctors

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Dozens of protesters lined High Street in Williamsport, holding picket signs to show their opposition of President Trump`s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“As a young person who is about to not have healthcare, I find it infuriating that it`s so blatantly not represented,” said Hannah Ramsauer from Williamsport.

They were lined up in front of UPMC Susquehanna Health Hospital and came armed with heavy duty props, including this giant wheelchair.

“Rural hospitals are at risk if that's done, there have already been hospitals lost,” said Steve Muthner from Jersey Shore.

“We would like to fixed rather than repealed,” said Alison Hirsch. “There are things that need to be fixed in it.”

The real cause of anger here was that their congressman, Republican Tom Marino, was inside the hospital, having a private meeting with doctors.

They say Marino is refusing to hold a town hall meeting to discuss the Affordable Care Act with residents.

“Oh, that galls me,” said Muthner. “He works for us, what more do you have to say? No matter what our issue is, he works for us, and he's going to be up there [in the hospital].”

“I am disgusted and guess what, the next election day when he`s on the ballot, guess whose vote he's not going to get,” said Randall Reid from Jersey Shore.

“It's very frustrating, it's a little scary and we're constituents, we're voters, we want our voices heard by our representatives,” said Maryjean Moser from Williamsport.

“He won't talk, I mean we went to his office, we left messages,” said Hirsch. “Today, I did get polite response from one of his staff people, I sent him a long list of things I want to see kept in the Affordable Care Act, I think his staff are doing their job fine, I just think the congressman is trying to hide from us.”

Newswatch 16 did try to speak with Congressman Marino but was turned down.

A spokesperson confirms Marino has no town hall meetings planned at this time.


  • Just watching it all.

    Where is the headline story today most other networks are carrying on the President`s speech to CPAC and his very honest attack on “FAKE” news that make up stories daily without viable sources just to promote their own agenda ? Where is the reporting and video on what he said? Are you afraid of the truth or just plane bias and before you even begin to scream 1rst amendment, he also has a right to that amendment and his opinions. The difference is, unlike so called news media outlets he doesn’t pretend that his opinion is balanced reporting of facts supported by verified reliable sources, he states it perfectly clear that that is his opinion and he has a right to express it although in my and many others view what he says is very obviously true including his comments about the polls that had it all wrong.

    • Stay on Topic

      So just what does your Trump rant have to do with this topic regarding Marino hiding from the people he’s supposed to be listening to and representing? .

      • Just watching it all.

        2013 census of Williamsport Pa is 29,000 people. So big story for the left wing media is DOZENS turn out to protest Obama care, by the way without even knowing what is going to replace it. Now maybe, just maybe you get my point. Media bias in reporting is on topic. By the way libby, that was not a President Trump rant, that was a rant about the coverage of the story.

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    MagicMike, you know what they say about assuming things don’t you? I didn’t vote for Hillary :-) Again, regardless of who anyone votes for their representatives are supposed to represent them. This has nothing to do with winning or losing, it has to do with standing for policies that the MAJORITY would like to keep/amend. This is the U.S.A. and thanks to the 1st Amendment we all have the right to protest. The only compliment I’ll give Donald Trump is that he sure as hell galvanized citizens to get off their duffs and exercise their constitutional rights. Kudos to him for that, we sure as heck aren’t going anywhere :-)

    • Just watching it all.

      Id give the President a lot more than you did, but I understand that what he accomplished in the first month in office does not fit your agenda, but he is the first President in my lifetime who started doing in his first month the things he promised to do during the campaign and that my left wing liberal friend is more than any politician has done for years and years and not only that because he spoke directly to the problems this Country is facing in the language of the people, he won against all odds. He won despite the elitists in his own party, the left wing liberal Clinton media, the left wing special interest groups the hate and the name calling from the Clinton campaign, the phony polls the biased media reports of Russian connections, he won because Americans are fed up with the politically correct, emotional crybaby feel good pathetic rantings of people who would rather give our Country away and don`t give a damn about the safety or well being of our citizens and that goes for the elitist politicians in the swamp in D.C. who throw out canned rhetoric election after election and go down there and do nothing for us. Your correct, he woke us up and he has the nerve and matza to stand up those who destroy our Country from within. He is brilliant, ran a brilliant campaign and as President deserves the respect and allegiance given to every other president and the credit for all he has and will accomplish for this great Country of ours. The American people finally see through it all and if you think standing on street corners with signs, interrupting town hall meetings and acting the way the Democrats and liberals have even after he got elected is actually helping you, wait till the next election. Another surprise is coming.

    • magicmikexxsm

      Jess, nobody said you didn’t have a right to make a complete fool out of yourself standing there protesting stupid stuff…

      ***Again, regardless of who anyone votes for their representatives are supposed to represent them. ***
      Well yes and no, those who don’t support you, get pushed to the back of the bus like you………nobody cares what you have to say if you didn’t support said candidate.

    • magicmikexxsm

      galvanized citizens to get off their duffs and exercise their constitutional rights…… lol

      most of your so called liberal protest are organized by professional groups like obama’s OFA and the likes…….
      your movement is nothing like the Tea Party so get over it, more like a Bowel movement

  • magicmikexxsm

    The GOP should do nothing about Obamataxcare for now….Right now the Democrats own that BS, and its collapsing under its own stupidity of the people who wrote it..Democrats…..have you seen all the insurance companies that have pulled out of the healthcare exchanges, why just this month another big company is walking next year , leaving you fewer choices…….
    I’d do nothing for 2 years on obamataxcare if I was the GOP and Trump, it’s gonna crash down..all all these protesters will see and then they will know who to blame for their failed healthcare system……Then the Democrats will come begging the GOP and Trump to fix it……

    • BZ22

      Another two years means Repubs will have had TEN YEARS to do something, anything about this healthcare crisis and still don’t have a clue how to solve it. Blaming Obama isn’t the answer but it’s all they have! There are people who NEED their insurance, will lose it, their pre-existing conditions will not allow them to get it elsewhere and your ONLY answers are name calling, smugness and could care less!. Pathetic and typical!!!

      • another one lol

        You don’t even know what you are talking about. Obamacare was not signed into effect until march of 2010 . Where are you getting 8 and 10 yrs from. Besides Democrats ruled the house then not republicans. Obama said if you like your doctor you can keep your Doctor. Big LIE

        Trump should just let obama plan go the next 2 yrs.

  • magicmikexxsm

    lol who do you think these protesters are?????/ DEMOCRATS that’s who, you think they even voted for Marino? lol
    NOOOOOOO you think they ever will? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO …news flash protesters you lost, move on …..

  • Seneca

    These protesters are quite predictable in their message and intentions. I doubt if very many of their small number (less than two dozen) voted for Trump in the first place. Certainly they are upset that Congressman Marino is not taking the bait to give them, and other anti-Trumpists who would flock to a “town hall” meeting, additional publicity. They are nevertheless probably happy for the media coverage they got.
    A more useful, and certainly more sincere, future course of action for the anti-Trumpists would be to wait and see what kind of healthcare replacement Congress will agree on as a replacement for the ACA before another such exercise in vanity.

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      Actually there were enough of us there we split on to the 4 corners of the intersection. At last count we were at 124 people. Secondly, regardless of how we voted this representative is still supposed to represent us. He needs to listen to all his constituents in his gerrymandered district, not just those who can afford $2700/plate at a fundraiser. Wait and see is not an option for people with health care needs… and as for the town hall issue, this is what democracy looks like — citizens participating in their governance, that’s a good thing whether you agree with it or not.

      • magicmikexxsm

        JESSICAINWILLIAMSPORT lol you’re a democrat you voted for Liar Hillary who lost, you probably would never vote for Marino and never will…so why should he care what the hell you think…….
        Problem is honey you are still fighting the election lose, and trying to use this issue …….get a life…

      • Seneca

        Since I wasn’t there and my main source of info is the WNEP coverage, my estimate was from what I could gather from the footage And WNEP has “dozens” and not the 124 you claim. Who should I, and others, believe?

        On your call for a “town hall” with Marino: Most Marino supporters have no problem with what he has or has not been doing regarding healthcare reform. And they believe he is being wise in not taking the bait in the form of a community event that would give your small group of activists additional press coverage. You seem to be one of a discontented minority with highly exaggerated and unjustified fears you may lose your Obamacare coverage. Just how justified are your concerns?

        On the ACA: You and your fellow activists need to face a basic fact regarding the ACA: it is neither financially nor administratively sustainable, and if it is not reformed, will collapse, leaving you and others who prefer to keep it with reduced benefits, or no benefits. The Trump administration does not want a collapse of the system, and wishes to take action on reforming it while there is still time.

        On your street corner demonstrations: It might be more constructive for you and others who were out demonstrating the other night to write Congressman Marino to express your concerns. And he probably would welcome some suggestions for a way forward. One issue in current efforts to reform the system is sorting out a range of alternative courses of action on what to do about various parts of the all-but-moribund ACA. It’s taking a while to do this; please be patient. And why not copy local TV and print news with your suggestions? It would educate the public much better than standing on street corners shouting slogans or parading gimmick props.

    • BZ22

      Most likely their problem is that “wait and see”, “give them a chance” mentality! EIGHT YEARS wasn’t long enough for Repubs to come up with changes or a viable plan so……. maybe they have a good reason for concern!

  • Mark Gano

    1980, after having the 90 days required to receive medical coverage from my employer. I knocked on the managers door and asked if I could sell it back? A week later the answer was No, you can refuse it but not sell it back.

    1994 there was the Gephardt bill, think Hillary. The employer handed out to the employees fill in the blank letters to the Congressmen and Senators in favor of this bill. I refused and sent my own letter of opposition to the bill. The bill failed.

    A new century and along comes the ACA, Democrats love initials so I’ll call the president BO. You were told nobody read the bill. Not so, it was posted on my Congressman’s website. It was written so a child could understand. Double spaced with most of the lines not reaching the end of the page and wide margins, this made it about 50 pages. Search the original bill and you will find a donation to a collage fund if you think it wasn’t read.

    • Just watching it all.

      If you only read 50 pages you did not read the whole bill my friend. The bill was 2000 pages long and was not read, according to Pelosi who said “don`t worry about what`s in it, just pass it” while the Senator from Montana who helped finalize and push the bill through without a single Republican vote said before he retired from office to accept the gift of an ambassadorship appointment “this bill is a train wreck waiting to happen”. I love the way you liberals can spin the truth”, and surely it is for many people who now see insurance companies abandoning Obama Care and rates rising to unaffordable co-pays due to lack of competition and being required to cover people with serious re-existing conditions without the funds from the government to cover their losses. There are many more problems not to mention the 750 billion taken out of medicare away from seniors and put into medicaid for the poor while the states are denying coverage’s from medicaid because the money from the government is not there and the states that do are running Hugh deficits. This last election should have proved to you that liberal BS does not work anymore.

  • BZ22

    We’re all aware Punxsatawney Phil is more visible and public than Marino. That said, Marino enjoys the best healthcare possible at OUR expense. He has had many very serious health issues and has been able to tap into the best medical practices everywhere without any worry about insurance coverage. His complete disregard and lack of concern for anyone else having that same luxury or protection is appalling and unacceptable. Voting to repeal over 50 times without ANY plan or answer is beyond belief! Eight years wasn’t long enough to come up with something, anything? They have their healthcare and obviously could care less whether Americans have any or not. The cowardice of this man to not be brave enough to admit his and Repub shortcomings and be honest with constituents speaks volumes. Does he have any shame or only that “let them eat cake” smirk?

  • WarningFakeNews

    Dozens? I watched the video. Dozens? Meanwhile, Trump held a rally in Melbourne Florida and got 9000 people attending. I’d be the first to admit, it was a small crowd for Trump. The media probably said that he got “dozens” of supporters there.

    So what are the democrats for? Open, uncontrolled borders, health care that no one can afford except those people without jobs, having biological men share bathrooms with little girls, and against locking up criminals with “sanctuary” cities. Fortunately for everyone involved, they keep protesting for what they want.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Forcing people to purchase overly expensive health insurance doesn’t provide them with health care if they cannot afford to go to the doctor because of the sky high deductible. What the ACA did was to strip away health CARE from those who earn the money, and give it free to those who have no job.

    The republicans had better not be fooled, this is an extremely unpopular program which MUST be repealed.

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      Ultimately, profit needs to be taken out of the health care equation. I don’t know what kind of coverage *you* have had, but in the 80s I saw my dad dying of cancer reach the *cap* of his allowed expenses, if not for friends and fundraisers we’d have been homeless. Having a son with special needs, I’ve fought insurance companies oodles of times over necessary care. I know of people whose doctors ordered one medicine, only to have the insurance company decide that it was too expensive, sorry you can’t have this one — but you can have this other one that hasn’t worked for you or pay for it yourself. Universal health care is the best option for all of us. We are supposed to be a world leader in good things, but we fail our own people constantly. For those whining that we only want “free stuff” — not true, we want all those taxes we pay to (yes we do work and have jobs and still find time to protest/participate in our government) to pay for things to HELP us, not harm us. We expect those who benefit from all this country has to offer to pay their fair share, not continue to make billions while being subsidized by our tax dollars, or bailed out by our tax dollars only to spend money buying politicians so they can screw the middle class over yet again.

      • Phil K

        I’m tired of “paying my fair share”. All I’ve seen is skyrocketing premiums and exponentially increasing deductibles while my pay is flat. Why should I pay through the nose while others pay little or nothing? Obamacare was based on the failed logic that fining citizens to require “insurance” would make 20-30 somethings buy it. It didn’t happen and we all lost. Universal health care is the best option for you, I don’t want it.

      • Just watching it all.

        You are onto something here. I may disagree with your conception on government run health care as it does not work in other countries. U.K.`s system is broke, Canada`s is not much better. Personally I believe the solution would be competitive rates by allowing across state line competition with a government sponsored catastrophic fund such they already have in Penna. I too lost a young brother who died of cancer with no insurance and left behind a family and a cousin who also died young without insurance. There are answers but having studied the workings of the National Health System of Great Britain with patients lying on stretchers in hallways because there are no rooms available after waiting six to eight months for an operation and hospitals being closed down in wretched condition and broke with doctors going on strike for more government pay, I don`t believe government is qualified to be in the health care business but they can regulate insurance companies to cover everyone, pre-existing and provide a back up catastrophic plan for people who have reached their limits. They could also regulate maximum co-pays and other patient friendly nationwide laws to protect the ill and provide medicare as has been done in the past for the poor. Bottom line there are solutions however you would accomplish much more by thoughtful suggestions to your representative than standing on a street corner with a sign. Start a letter writing campaign that gets their attention more than a rowdy town hall. I wish you well with your struggles.

      • Seneca

        Excellent comments, Just Watching It All, especially with regard to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). I lived in the UK for a while and the terms of my employment allowed me to use the NHS. so have some experience with the system as well as how the British public views it. And I’ve read the horror stories in the press. The NHS has been in a state of crisis for decades, continually struggling to ration resources for the British people. It is still committed to making medical care available to the greatest extent possible, has dedicated medical personnel working for it, and constantly strives to implement the latest medical advances for patients, but remains unable to deliver to the public. The huge bureaucratic overhead, rising labor and maintenance costs, and ever growing demands on it has made the NHS an necessary but virtually unmanageable problem for a succession of UK governments.

        Most UK citizens who can afford it have private health insurance, and most foreign residents keep their country of origin insurance. While many use the NHS for basic preventive medicine, infant and child care, and prescriptions, areas in which it stll carries out its functions well, those who can prepare for the possibility of long-term medical care or expensive procedures by using non-NHS means, or supplementing what NHS has to offer. The system cannot treat everyone’s medical needs, and cannot perform as expected in a number of critical areas. It has failed, despite the best efforts of all concerned.

        It is very sad, and ironic, that so many of those Brits who were persuaded to vote for a post-World War II government that developed the NHS, often ended their lives having to fight the system for adequate medical care and hospital space for the elderly, betrayed by the very system they had so ardently believed in. There are many reasons why the NHS has gotten to the point it has, as many in the UK will gladly tell you. But there is a basic lesson for us here, one that the previous adminstration failed to learn, just as the UK’s post-WW II government failed in as well. And it is this: a system in crisis and in need of obvious reform (access and expense) should be fixed, not replaced. Any grandiose new systems eventually have to confront new, unforeseen realities missed by the planners. It is better to repair an existing system’s known faults than put one’s hope in a new one subject to unforeseen crises and likely planning failures.

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