Clinton’s Upcoming Visit Sparks Campaign Fatigue for Many

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FACTORYVILLE -- Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make her way to Lackawanna County next month to speak at the Society of Irish Women's dinner in Scranton.

But the response to Clinton's visit is quite mixed with many feeling election fatigue.

Back in November, Clinton lost the presidential election, including the state of Pennsylvania. And for many we spoke with, this upcoming visit makes it seems like the election never really ended.

Just a mere three and a half months ago, our area felt like the epicenter of the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and now President Donald Trump.

But now, Clinton is returning to her roots, her father's hometown. The former secretary of state is scheduled to be the keynote speaker for the Society of Irish Women in Scranton on St. Patrick's Day, following in the footsteps of former presidents and Pulitzer Prize winners.

Back in 2008, Clinton walked in the St. Patrick's Parade during her first presidential campaign.

For people shopping at the popular Ray's Market in Factoryville, the response is mixed for Clinton's upcoming visit, many pointing out the election is over and done with.

"Sick of the politics on TV," said Earl Cook from West Nicholson.  "It should be done and over with. Trump is in there."

Some are excited about the visit, pointing out how rare Clinton appearances have been since the election.

"I think it's a good thing," said Pam Bailey of Dalton. "She's showing her support for the area."

But at the end of the day, some people believe it's time to get behind the president and focus on what's ahead not what has already happened.

"What are you going to do? I'm not against the man and I'm not against Hillary but we need a president and somebody has to run the country," said Al Mroz of Factoryville.

Hillary Clinton is set to speak at the Society of Irish Women's dinner at the Hilton in Scranton this St. Patrick's Day.


  • burt morgret

    How much will cost tax payers ?
    Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees have been the subject of much political debate. After she resigned as secretary of state, Clinton joined the speaking circuit, raking in millions for paid speeches at about $200,000 a pop.

  • Connie Matysik-Ledford

    If we need to ‘focus on whats ahead and not what has already happened’, maybe someone should advise our POTUS to quit bringing her up…that just keeps her fresh in our minds…not a very good start for this presidency. He won the election..what does he keep trying to prove?

  • Rabbid Ray

    What a great day for all the snowflakes to protest. Let’s see what your really made of. And you can start if Clinton was honest and forthcoming she might be commander. So ask her why she lied and cheated.

  • Kevin

    i wonder when Steve Corbett will talk about local issues and give up the never ending psychotic obsession of destroying our new president? Corbett wonders why nobody calls him – maybe stop being so loud and angry and lose the suck attitude if callers don’t agree- i wonder what ever happened to “having a dicussion” ??? get over Hillary, Corbett. Hillary lost. Move on, Corbett and stop being so nasty to callers. We are weary of Hillary and Corbett

  • Dave

    If she starts about Trump, kick her the hell out !!!! Contrary to how WNEP will try and influence people, 95% of the population hates her.

  • hard bastard

    The left, for all of their faults, is extremely well organized. Who’s up for planning a protest that will garner national attention? I believe someone mentioned how rare her public appearances are? We need to start voicing our opinions to shut this garbage spewing sycophant down. Webb Hubbell Jr. can shut her mouth as well. NEPA has it in them to start the stop of “The Clinton Crime Family”. Let’s have a Trump sized rally to show our support for America the Beautiful. It has to happen sooner or later and we need to show them how a peaceful, albeit verbally offensive protest looks like. Anything other than an open debate of principles to serve the greater good is not how the First Amendment works. “The United States of America will either forever stand as a historical highpoint, or the greatest failure known to modern man after it’s fall”- We know the author. You are all on the cusp of the best possible time in history. Don’t waste it.

  • Henry Hannigan

    Clinton is not returning to her roots. She is returning to, at best, her father’s roots. She is from and grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois. She merely uses the fact that her family used to come to Scranton when it is convenient or she needs votes.

    • goose

      I don’t believe that people can spin in their graves, but if they could? Even if she did land “under sniper fire” in Bosnia back in ’96, it would never excuse the crimes she committed in Haiti after the earthquake. Food for thought. Scranton or PA has nothing to do with her agenda. So, I’m left wondering what her actual move is by showing up here. There is no way she is getting more than $10,000 for whatever speech after Lynn Rothschild got on some cases with her Twitter account earlier in the week. Looks like Scranton will have an honorary Mayor, while your President is doing his best to make more towns named “Factoryville”. I suck at double entendres that aren’t vague

  • AAORD11

    Hillary please go away. You lost, move on. I have never seen somebody not want to let go of the spotlight so badly. Your time has past.

  • Dan

    No fatigue here. Stay as far away from me as you can. And the faster you get your lying butt out of here the happier I will be. Although I would love a picture of you for my dart board.

  • Very Fatigued

    You got the fatigue part right, I’m sick & TIRED of seeing her “chopper’s” jumping out at me when she talks. I bet she can scoop a catfish out of the Susquehanna River without getting her lips wet.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Word on the street is Hillary the Liar Clinton is going to release her deleted 30k plus emails thought lost for all to see…

    God I wish they would send her case to a Grand Jury… Hillary better shut her mouth and stay out of the lime light as they say…All’s President Trump has to do is make 1 phone call, and Hillarys life could get real misrable fast….

  • WarningFakeNews

    We need her to stick around so we remember every day how we dodged a bullet on this one. It was a really scary, close call!

  • goose

    More like sparks nausea. #CNNLeaks -Project Veritas is at it again, and this time they are going after the propaganda spreading media. Part 1 isn’t that shocking, but you know something is coming.

    • weakest generation ever

      I yelled that at the local college this week, 18 students were sent to the hospital, classes were cancelled, and a safe zone was set up in the auditorium,

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