Woman’s Warning After Finding Shirt Tucked Over Her Windshield Goes Viral

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FLINT, Mich. – A 19-year-old woman's warning to others has been shared widely on Facebook after she found a shirt laid over her windshield Thursday.

Ashley Hardacre had just finished working at the Genesee Valley Mall in Flint, Michigan, and walked across the dark parking lot to her car – when she found a blue flannel shirt thrown over her windshield and tucked underneath a windshield wiper.

“There were two cars near me and one was running so I immediately felt uneasy and knew I couldn’t get out to get it off,” Hardacre explained on Facebook. “Luckily, I knew better than to remove the shirt with cars around me so I drove over to a place where I was safe and quickly rolled down my window and got the shirt off.”

Hardacre told CBS News that her mother had warned her of people trying to trick women into leaving their cars in the dark, and said, "A lot of people think it is fake or it won't happen to them. But you can never be too safe."

Hardacre said she posted the photo to warn others, adding that "it can happen to anyone."

Flint Township Police Detective Sergeant Brad Wangler told CBS that he got in touch with the 19-year-old after seeing her Facebook post. Police are looking at surveillance video of the parking lot to see who left the shirt on Hardacre's windshield.

Wangler said there haven't been similar incidents, but added that anyone who feels something "doesn't seem right" should contact police.

Hardacre wrote that she was grateful to her mother for telling her about the potential danger, and, just to be safe, the 19-year-old will ask security to escort her at night in the future.


  • Lj

    i must have missed something…first she’s WALKING across the parking lot…sees the shirt, …but then she ‘couldn’t GET OUT to get it off’ ???? that whole story reeks of fake!

    • Steve Stevenson

      That’s exactly what i thought..Why wouldn’t she take the shirt off the window before she got into the car….Unless the car was parked “face forward” and she walked up behind….but at a Mall that is unlikely

      • Jon Steele

        It’s a distraction, they want the person focused on the shirt. Plus by doing it next to the car they get her and the car. And obviously, it adds a second or two for her to grab her gun.

  • Givemeabreak

    I have had the same thing happen to my wife and I while driving through Wilmington DE. We made a wrong turn and got into a bad neighborhood. A man walking threw his shirt at the windshield to try to get us to stop but I knew better to keep driving. It was an attempt to get us out of the car. Don’t leave the car unless you can handle yourself or are not putting anyone else in danger.

    • Steve Stevenson

      That’s exactly what i thought..Why wouldn’t she take the shirt off the window before she got into the car….Unless the car was parked “face forward” and she walked up behind….but at a Mall that is unlikely

  • Cathie

    Fake? and you know this how? Hope no predators are on here and taking notes who to target! Just n case this is true, and there’s no reason not to believe her, better be safe than sorry! If I found something on my windshield I can guarantee you I would not hesitate getting in my car and locking the door immediately!!! Those few seconds of removing the object can cost you.

  • Yaa

    Weird how all the comments are accusing the teen girl of doing this to herself…what does she profit from doing this?

    There are a ton of weirdos out there. Once I was stalked in a store by a man with gloves. He kept following me and trying to talk to me. Then there was a time a man tried to open my door at a stop light. Stuff like this happens. I’m glad she was smart enough to drive to a safe place to remove the shirt.

    • Vafreyja

      You answered your own question.

      “There are a ton of weirdos out there”. Indeed, there are lots of people who’s concept of profit motive doesn’t run on the same tracks as yours and mine. I’m not saying she definitely faked this, but it is by no means outside of the realm of possibility.

  • laura

    betting it’s fake. lots of stories like this float around but so far have been nothing more than urban legends. betting she did it herself or was a friend. can’t wait for the security footage of it

  • ...

    If they wanted to grab her why wouldn’t they just do it while she was walking to her car, why bother going through the trouble of putting a shirt on the windshield.

    • laura

      you make a good point why waste the time and risk being seen? why not just grab her? she probably did this herself or had someone do it. attention and all

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