Warm Weather Means Big Bucks for Car Washes

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- Wash, brush, rinse and repeat -- it's the motto at Oasis Car Wash near Brodheadsville.

People like Dennis Gerolimatos using the warm weather as an opportunity to clean his car.

"I am getting the car washed because this is the best car wash in town. I'm getting too old and I don't know if I am going to be able to get back up if I reach down and wash the tire," said Dennis Gerolimatos, Brodheadsville.

Over the last few days, managers here tell Newswatch 16, thousands of cars, trucks, and vans have come in and out of the car wash.

"Very busy! With the weather being beautiful for February I mean 50 and 60 degree weather, got to love it. I mean we are doing anywhere from 200 to 400 cars a day non-stop, 8:30 until 5," said David Iandoli, Oasis Car Wash Manager.

This time of the year is actually really busy for car washes because a lot of people want to get the winter muck cleaned off.

"I can't stand looking at my car anymore. It's so dirty," said Clair Lochner, Brodheadsville.

Clair Lochner from Brodheadsville says she's had several failed attempts at the car wash because lines were just too long this week.

"I am going to get this car washed. I attempted it for like the third time in the last week and this place is always busy. We need more car washes," said Lochner.

Others like Tammy Klein from Effort think the wait is worth it. She was worried the buildup might damage her van.

"All the salt, it's not good for your car. Plus this is really dirty and it's a nice day," said Tammy Klein, Effort.

Car wash managers say as long as the warm weather holds up, so will the lines.

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