Trailer Hauling Natural Gas Crashes in Susquehanna County

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FOREST LAKE TOWNSHIP — A strong smell could greet people waking up in one part of Susquehanna County Wednesday morning.

Authorities say a tractor-trailer hauling natural gas crashed on North Road near Montrose around 11 p.m. on Tuesday.

Officials say there’s no danger to the public but the gas still in the truck still needs to be vented.

That could spread a strong gas smell for about a half-mile radius.

North Road is shut down while crews clean up in Susquehanna County.


  • Common Sense

    So, that’s what we do with Hazardous Materials and Toxic Spills now?
    We “Vent” them into the air??? How many thousands of gallons? Or tens-of-thousands of lbs of propane?
    Thanks Frackerz and the PSP…… least WNEP caught them this time!!!!
    Nice job, now follow up on it…….

    • The real common sense

      It’s natural gas, not propane. And it has nothing to do with fracing…. wnep didn’t “catch” anything. The tractor trailer had an accident and help was called. You need to change your name to “No common sense”.

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