Salvation Army Thrift Store Celebrates 12 Years

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SHAMOKIN -- While some other businesses are closing around it, the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Shamokin is celebrating its 12th anniversary.

"12 years ago nobody thought we would last a year and here we are 12 years later," said supervisor Judy Orner.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store of Shamokin is a staple here and people depend on it.

"You get the best clothes in here. You go pay $30 for a shirt, you wear it two times it falls apart, you buy these, they're guaranteed to wear," said Rita Sienkiewicz of Mount Carmel, who has there shopped since the store opened in 2005.

"Everything is from here, right to my underwear, shoes, socks and I'm not fooling!" Sienkiewicz said.

"If you want to find things that you don't find in the stores, I like to find different objects and see friendly faces," said June Snyder of Shamokin.

Orner believes the secret to staying open all of these years is not only the loyal customers but also the people who donate.

She says all profits go back into the Shamokin community through the Salvation Army's food pantry, rental and heating assistance programs, and clothing vouchers.

"Somebody doesn't have school clothes, if they've had a fire, maybe they're looking for a new job and they don't have clothes, we definitely have the means to help them," Orner said.

To celebrate the store's anniversary, every day this week there is are specials with the price featuring the number 12.