Mount Pocono Plaza Growing by Two

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MOUNT POCONO -- Two places -- one human-friendly and one pet-friendly -- are moving into Mount Pocono Plaza in Mount Pocono.

Signs for Pet Value and a Hibachi Restaurant say they're moving in soon.

"Yes finally. It's just sitting here empty and it just invites kids who are bored in to do things they shouldn't do," said Catherine Lisk, Mount Pocono.

"I think it's great, yes. I think it's a good idea you know, nothing wrong with it. It will be nice," said Ignetius Cano, Canadensis.

A real estate company from New Jersey owns the property.

Catherine Lisk from Mount Pocono shops here often. She's excited for the Pet Value to move in.

I have animals and my daughter wants to work at Pet Value, so hopefully she can get a little part time job after school and make a little money for herself," said Lisk.

The property owner's hope is to have the entire plaza filled by 2018.

After Pet Value and the Hibachi Restaurant move in, there is only one space left to fill -- the former Kmart.

In a perfect world, shoppers here would love to have Kmart back, but they say whatever goes into the building, they hope it's useful for everyone.

"Why did they take Kmart out in the first place? I don't have a dog or a cat and we have a dog and cat place in Tannersville. Maybe they need it up here but I don't so I am not enthused," said Judith Bellamy, Tobyhanna.

Judith Bellamy from Tobyhanna says she has no interest in the two new businesses.

If she can't have Kmart, she hopes whatever goes into the business, sticks around for a while.

"I was hoping they would put a gym in there, we need a gym up this way. A dry cleaner would be nice too," said Bellamy.

Property owners tell Newswatch 16, the Kmart will be filled, but with just what will be announced at a later date.