Motorcycle Riders Gearing Up for Warmer Weather

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- A warm-up this month means motorcycles are out on the roads much sooner than most years.

"We've been driving along all winter long and we haven't seen a motorcycle in four months so there is a ton of bikes on the road especially with the weather being so nice," said Corbin Leiby.

The garage at horsepower Harley Davidson near Williamsport is crowded with choppers.

"It's a great idea when you get your bike out for the first ride of the year to just double-check everything,” said Corbin.

Mechanics are checking but also repairing bikes.

"The car didn't stop at a stop sign or stopped and didn't see the bike and proceeded and actually t-boned the rider on the motorcycle," said Leiby.

"It's a Harley Sportster 883. It's a 2003," said Jared Hill.

Jared Hill rode his Harley Sportster to the Harley shop. For Hill, preparing for the season means stocking up on the proper safety gear. When he hits the road he's always keeping an eye out for other drivers.

"You get up next to big trucks, they throw a lot of wind. You can get sucked under, you can get pushed off the road, so just have to be mindful,” said Hill.

Drivers want to stay safe too; it's why most of us put on our seatbelts. The riders at Harley tell us drivers are still distracted a lot of times it's because people are on their cellphones.

"Texting, I mean, they just don't pay attention. That's why you have to ride defensively,” said John Wilton from Muncy.

John Wilton and his wife Dena couldn't wait for the warmer weather. This year they started riding in January.

"It's been a little cool but you just, you just want to go," said Wilton.

Warmer weather is a plus but John plans to ride no matter what.


  • hardtail

    You people see some kind of voodoo. Anybody that rides will tell you that we notice more things on the road (like cell phone talking drivers drinkin coffee wandering through lanes) than you’d ever have to worry about with our open road experience. You want to bastardize something? Look in the mirror. What do you think these people buy these bikes for? Long distance, fast travel, and simplicity for cheap. On your logic, you should get your CDL and be driving a Kenworth or a Peterbuilt to go to the grocery store. Just because you are afraid of life, doesn’t mean you should hold something against those that are actually living. Hide in your safe space, but I hope you know that you’d be the first one eaten in your favorite zombie show.

    • Meow

      If you are willing to assume the risk of riding a motorcycle, stop crying about what other drivers are doing. Any vehicle is dangerous and if you choose to put yourself in greater danger by riding a motorcycle, that’s your problem.

    • Meow

      And what do I think most people buy bikes for? The supposed “cool factor” and riding together in large groups on the weekend, not going to the grocery store. Where are you going to put your bags? Duh.

    • typical biker dope

      stupid is as stupid does. Why are people fascinated with these two wheeled machines of death? Darwinism at it’s finest.

    • hardtail

      Seems pretty “cool” to get 50 MPG while paying less than $100 in insurance per year instead of being a brain dead robot driving a 4000 lb vehicle around with one person in it at all times. Groceries go in the backpack or saddle bags, but it was more of an analogy about your typical wastefulness. Let me explain- you don’t need to spend so much to get to where you are going. Do you see the cost effectiveness yet? You idiots will be the end of our society and put us in concentration camps. Killing freedom every chance you get because you are not willing to gather knowledge.

  • Bill K

    Get ready to see them blow by you doing literally twice the speed limit. Yet all we’ll hear is “look out for motorcycles!” I’m sick of cars being blamed as the cause of all motorcycle accidents. Yet we’re afraid to call bikers out on their blatant disregard for the law and road safety. Don’t just downvote me, explain why I’m wrong. Please explain to me why it’s fine for them to break the law and endanger others. Please explain why no one will tell bikers to slow down but rather tell drivers of cars to look twice. Oh but you won’t answer me because that requires effort.

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