Lackawanna County Proposes Cremation Fee Increase

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SCRANTON -- Less than a week after Luzerne County announced an increase in cremation fees, neighboring Lackawanna County wants to do the same.

An ordinance to increase the fee from $25 to $35 was read at Wednesdays commissioners meeting.

The Lackawanna County coroner tells us the higher fee is the result of an increase in the number of cremations. Since all cremations must be investigated by the coroner's office, more money is needed to offset the cost of making a part-time deputy coroner full-time.


  • William Abda

    Don’t get it — if you wish to have your remains cremated, or buried it should be a matter of record before you die, The coroner responsibility at that point is to review the record and sign.
    If a cremation is suspicious and requires an investigation I see the point — that being said ; why do all cremations require an investigation and not internments ?

  • Your kidding me, right.

    Just tax the soda and leave grieving families alone that have to pay for the cremation. This is where your taxation make the queen of England look really good

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