Hillary Clinton to Return to Scranton for Society of Irish Women Celebration

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Hillary Clinton at a rally in Scranton with Vice President Joe Biden in August 2016

SCRANTON — Hillary Clinton will return to Scranton next month as the keynote speaker for the Society of Irish Women.

The group made the announcement Wednesday at the Hilton Scranton Hotel and Conference Center.

The dinner is set for Friday, March 17, at the Hilton in Scranton.

Clinton, the former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator from New York, and First Lady, was last in Scranton for a campaign rally last August during her bid for the White House. She was joined by Scranton native Vice President Joe Biden.

Clinton also held a campaign rally in Dunmore last April.

She also held a fundraiser here in July of 2015.

Clinton marched in Scranton’s St. Patrick’s Parade before Pennsylvania’s primary election in 2008. That year, Barack Obama was the featured speaker at the dinner before he was elected president.

The former First Lady has roots in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Her father, Hugh Rodham, was from Scranton and is buried in the Washburn Street Cemetery in Scranton’s west side. The Rodham family also owned property at Lake Winola.

Previous dinner speakers have included President Obama, ABC’s Ann Compton, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mary Jordan, Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Valerie Biden-Owens and CBS’s Norah O’Donnell.


  • Roxanne Embick

    Hillary Clinton is an outstanding member of the American community. I’ve supported her in the past and I support her still. I would be thrilled to attend this event. She has done more public service than most. She has dedicated her life to it. She is the epitome of grace and strength. Thank you, Hillary for all that you have done and all that you continue to do. #StillWithHer

    • bo sanders

      Dedicated her life to sheer greed and her hunger for power. High fluoride content in your local water supply there Roxanne?

    • Robert

      Darn Vince, sounds like you must have a job. LOL…that a big problem for the right isn’t it.
      We have to go to work and fund the jobless left who show up in mass to complain about their rights.

      • nasca7

        I think you missed the point. Vince Foster worked in the Clinton white house and was found dead. Speculation is that he was on Hillary’s hit list.

      • Vince foster

        I did have a job until Bill and Hillary had me murdered in the Washington D.C. park. Remember that? Yea, they had it staged to look as a suicide. Anybody that knew me knows I would never have done that to myself. I had all the good on the Clinton’s and I was about to testify against them in court, then all of a sudden……yup, you guessed it, I killed myself.

    • bo sanders

      But she got tha populayr vote cuz uv muh feelings. Leave hur lone russian spy. Pewdiepie did 9/11 and Spicer robs 7/11’s for fun just to see if he cam do it. CNN is real knews forever. Car payment, car payment, car payment, house payment, sex shop shopping spree, car payment, wnep employee, car payment, car payment, self loathing, car payment, alcoholism, car payment, divorce, wnep employee, car payment, delete comments instead of verifying a better argument, pocket DJ, car payment, Russia did it. Read the summaries of most important books to try to fit in, self loathing, car payment and some more self satisfying pocket gigs. You all can see the contempt for you here. Don’t take it from them anymore.

  • Embarassed Irish

    Really??? She planning to show some respect and visit her father’s grave this time around?
    Embarrassed to be Irish with her at this dinner.

  • Robert

    Even though the majority of posts here are against Clinton. Nobody seems to organize protests to silence her like the left does whenever a right winger wants to speak. Clinton speaks freely, while those from the right are meet with protests and threats. Resulting in their turn on the stage canceled for fear of violent actions. Ironic the left preaches tolerance and diversity, unless you disagree. Peace be upon you (As-salamu alaykum).

    • goose

      Waʿalaykumu s-salām. I propose strobe light robot costumes to protest this. None of that boring head wear that everybody else is doing. But you wanna know the real kick in the ugly? Most people that would want to protest her will be at work if I’m not mistaken. Therein lies the paradox.

  • flip flop

    Maybe she will change her mind about this because of how nasty she thinks the coal region is? Maybe she will choke on a pierogi? Does Santa take IOU’s, or did she have him killed like Vince Foster and Seth Rich? See Trump voters, he didn’t keep all of his promises, or she’d be in the clink already. Maybe he was controlled opposition this whole time? Or they are knocking down those sick people that support them first? In reality, I am so thankful for this past election for what I have learned, and especially here in the comments. You can spot the deranged ones real quick. Who else loves America? Thumbs up to all of you out there.

    • Richard Barletta

      After reading some of the horrible comments, i must say that in Scranton “the basket of deplorables” is overflowing”. Their remarks are nothing more than rightwing conspiracy theories, LIES/untruths/hypocrices generated by the GOPers in their attempts to win the Oval Office. It’s horrible of the way they speak of the Former First Lady….. The GOPers had absolutely nothing to base their campaign on, no achievments/accomplishments, so they resort to mudslinging, conspiracy theories, slamming/bashing. If I hear about the e-mails and Benghazi one more time, I’ll puke. They (repubs) said nothing about Condi Rice as Secretary of State when in fact there were 13 US Embassy attacks, 66 deaths, 3 US Ambassadors killed and there were zero(0) investigations. As compared to the Benghazi tradgedy, 4 deaths, 1 US Ambassador killed and the republican led panel on Benghazi spent mega millions of taxpayer funds on their political witch hunt. The repubs said nothing when George/Condi/Colin Powell and others from the Bush administration used their own private e-mail servers. In fact, George deleted over 3 million of his e-mails from his private e-mail server and the repubs remained silent…..It appears that some of the people from Scranton are gullable enough to believe the rightwing propaganda. And many more admire Hillary. Hillary has roots in northeastern Pa. and to hear some of the terrible comments about her makes me believe that some of the Scrantonians are gullable enough to listen to the rightwing propaganda. After 1 month, i think the world sees the “big mistake” by not electing Hillary. Don’t blame me for the mess we are witnessing, I voted for HER.

      • bo sanders

        Right wing conspiracy theories? What about the independents and left saying the same things? If you need proof, just search for “Hillary laughs at ra pe victim”. She is a truly evil witch that deserves to be in jail for the multiple times she has sold our country out. The Russians? She got them 20% of our uranium mines. That’s that old Saul Alinsky trick where you accuse the opposition of the EXACT thing you are guilty of. How are people still this gullible when there are mountains of evidence?

  • Chuck

    You guys sound like the “snowflakes”…..angry when you’re in …angry when you’re out….except you will be mighty embarrassed soon.

  • Yuck

    WOW how the mighty have fallen! Karma caught up to this one that’s for sure. I’m sure the “banana peel smoking pony-tailed hypocrite” will be gushing all over the radio about this swindler coming to town.

  • Dan

    That woman has more up her sleeve than a speech or her arm. She couldn’t be trusted before and she can’t be trusted now. LOCK HER UP. Garbage Talk

  • Ron D

    What is wrong with your web page? It’s the only one that never stops loading for me…all that crappy spam and advertisements, and OUTDATED news!

    • Winston

      On second thought- maybe she’ll take a face dive into a van or a curb. Somebody better be there to follow her with a camera and a strobe light. A lot of people would pay to see that.

  • nasca7

    Now that she can’t make speeches for $250,000 per speech since she is no longer the presumptive president and cannot court influence I guess she decided to come here and give a speech.

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