Alleged ‘Bathroom Peeper’ Turns Himself In

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WRIGHT TOWNSHIP -- Police in Luzerne County say the guy who they believe secretly used his cell phone to record women in the bathroom at a pizza place turned himself in on Wednesday.

Wright Township police in Mountain Top took Juan Prieto to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon on invasion of privacy and child pornography charges.

They say he turned himself in around noon after feeling pressure from his family members.

A victim tells Newswatch 16 this day was a long time coming.

"I'm glad he's off the street! I hope he goes away for a really, really, really, long time."

This woman is reacting after hearing that the man accused of secretly recorded her using the bathroom at Luigi's Restaurant in Mountain Top is under arrest.

Luzerne County detectives went looking for him and released his photo on Tuesday. They accuse him of making nearly 50 videos of women in the bathroom during their private moments.

"We do know that the police have everything that was videotaped and it's being destroyed."

Workers at Luigi's say Prieto used to work there on and off but was not employed at the time of the alleged crimes.

They tell Newswatch 16 he used a trash can to break into the pizza place and climb through a window on two different occasions.

His fingerprints can still be seen on the window sill from when police dusted it for clues. Police believe he then crawled in a space above the bathroom, moved a ceiling tile, and recorded women using the restroom with his cell phone, including at least three girls.

This victim did not want to give her name but says she could not believe it when police told her she was one of the women who was recorded in the bathroom.

"I have an 11-year-old daughter and this is absolutely disgusting to me!"


  • Dave

    Make Obama and his supporters pay the taxes for what this will cost us !…… Ah, that’s a different story isn’t it !

  • wow!

    Why don’t you just expose these women to the whole world you jackazz! What’s wrong with you? Do you realize how many TOMTOMs are now going to research that site thanks to you?

  • Bugger

    Wait a second, you commentors need to watch the video that is attached. IT IS NOT THE SAME GUY. Maybe his older brother that wants three hots and a cot that has other charges, Think about it, no real record or SSecurity number, and he turned himself in?!?!? Also, Matt Petrillo seems really exited in this segment and somebody needs to do jump cuts with autotune to make it hillarious

    • clean 'em trump!

      Your spot on bugger! Good call. Now ser people, this is the problem with all these go##amn illegals running around. We get one in custody and it’s not even the right one. We hae no fingerprints, s.s#, driver’s license, or anything to run on these people. What a mess! I hope all these victims in this case are pro illegal immigrant libs. Maybe they’ll wisen up!

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