Photographer Captures ‘Beautiful Old Souls’

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LOCK HAVEN -- Lois St. Clair could tell you about her trip to the beauty salon, but some things, like the way she can barely see herself in the mirror, are probably better described through a picture.

"I can see the top of my head," said Lois St. Clair.

Over the past few months, Sandy Consadine has been photographing Lois and other residents at Susque-View Nursing Home in Lock Haven.

"At first, I was a little bit leery but then I thought, 'Hey, go with the flow and just enjoy yourself,'" said St. Clair.

"I think the residents have such a history in their faces. They have such a story to tell,” said Sandy Considine.

"People think I'm a celebrity,” said Billy Packer.

Sandy began the project in hopes of taking enough pictures to publish a book called "Beautiful Old Souls." After a few months of visiting Susque-View, this project has begun to take on more meaning.

"They just want you to hold their hand, pay attention to what they are saying, and not look past them," said Consadine.

"Because usually you're put in the background and that's it," said St. Clair.

Through those pictures, Lois hopes people can see she's grown to love her new home.

"At first I thought I'll never love it there. I won't. I want to get it out of here. I've learned to open up my arms and say I enjoy it here,” said St. Clair.

"There are days I go home and it's like an emotional breakdown because there's sad days, but there are also really, really good days," said Consadine.

The photographs Sandy has taken will be available in her book "Beautiful Old Souls." She plans to publish it in the next few months and hopes it will be available on Amazon.

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    Great idea for your book that many should be interested in. Adding some text about the “old souls” and their situation in life as an older person, might add some more interest.

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