Misericordia University Security to Start Carrying Guns

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Campus security personnel at Misericordia University will start carrying guns later this year.

School officials say it's so they can respond to certain situations faster, instead of waiting for police to arrive.

"The first responders are the ones right there on the scene, and we would not have to rely solely on police response," said Robert Zavada, the university's security director.

There was no one incident that sparked the change in policy, but school officials point out armed security officers are already in place at several other colleges in our area, like King's College and Wilkes University, to add to students' safety.

"This is another step and it's one we looked at very carefully and very deliberately," said Misericordia University President Thomas Botzman.

Many students say they're happy to see their school stepping up security.

"I feel safe here already, but I mean, that would make me feel even more safe," said one student.

"It's not in the sense where there's this sense of danger that's going on around campus. I think the officers and the board of trustees who approved it are being very proactive," said another.

School officials plan to also add more security cameras on campus.

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