Berwick Residents Get KKK Fliers

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BERWICK -- The Ku Klux Klan is known to distribute fliers in different communities, and now some residents in Berwick are the victims.

About half a dozen fliers were reported in people's yards this week, but Berwick police believe there could be a lot more.

People in Berwick found KKK fliers in bags held down with rice. Berwick police say the most they could cite anyone for is littering because whoever put the fliers out did not trespass or touch anyone's mailboxes.

Even so, people are upset.

Bette Grey was outside her home on Arbor Street in Berwick on Friday when she saw a piece of paper on her lawn. She thought some of her mail blew away.

"And I picked it up. It was neatly folded. It wasn't weathered. Then on Sunday when I got home from church, there in our yard was a bag of rice and a flier," said Grey.

The flier was folded inside a bag, weighed down with rice.

"Then I read down farther and at first I thought it was another organization, and there was a hotline number and a website. When I read I was like, 'Oh, this is the KKK.'"

Berwick police say this is the second time in the last few months that KKK fliers were put in the area. The first time was in September in a nearby neighborhood in Luzerne County.

Berwick police tell Newswatch 16 six fliers were reported but there could be a lot more since most people just throw them away.

If police see anyone distributing these fliers the most they could cite them for is littering because they are not trespassing or putting the fliers in mailboxes.

Even so, Grey went to Berwick city council with her concerns. She is upset about the fliers and the message they send.

"This is pure evil and this is pure hate and I don't stand for that. I'm a Christian and I believe that everyone is created equal," Grey said.

Berwick police ask you to call 911 if you get a KKK flier.


  • Sherpa snow

    That Betty lady just came into the Giant in Berwick a couple dayz bak and she had rice and sand witch bags in her cart!!!! Check the cameras on her house or the other ones cuz she did it

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    Seems to me that this organization is aware of how far they can go in a given community as far as flyers/solicitation etc. Nice touch with the rice in a bag to keep it from blowing away. That being said, this is nothing new…we have white supremacists living off of SSI and welfare on farms in northern PA recruiting people. They’ve been there since the early 90s — or at least that’s as long as I’ve been aware of them. KKK literature was distributed in Williamsport in the 90s as well. Racism has never died in this country, it just went underground. Now with the new president, they’re crawling out from under their rocks again because they feel emboldened.

  • duh

    “residents in Berwick are the victims” Victims of what? I get reams of garbage in my mailbox every week, especially around election time and don’t consider myself a victim. How about the phone books that get thrown in your yard?Don’t want it? – Throw it out.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Berwick Residents Get KKK Fliers………………………………………………………….

    Would WNEP TV 16 be running the story if they where Black Lives Matter fliers?????being passed out to Berwick Residents…..

  • Kangaroo Kasey

    Sooooo…. Who else is thinking that neatly folded fliers and rice inside of ziplock bags doesn’t really sound like the work of the Klan? Unless you are from a neighborhood with perfectly manicured lawns, that does not even seem like a logical form of distribution. It’s like somebody went out of their way to be non intrusive. I’m calling hoax. Fingerprint the locals and I can bet you will stop seeing these stories in the area. Common sense is a rare commodity in Berwick it seems.

  • Carl vankravkenberger

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. The firstborn paragraph needs a little attention.

    Although I disagree with the kkk, they have the right to distribute flyers. The people of Berwick are not “victims” anymore than I am a victim of mormons knocking on my door.

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