Two Killed in Motorcycle Crash near Mount Pocono

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PARADISE TOWNSHIP -- Two people were killed in a motorcycle crash in the Poconos on Sunday.

It happened around 5 p.m. on Carlton Road near Mount Pocono.

According to the coroner's office, a male and female riding on the motorcycle were both killed.

State police said Christopher Shanaberger, 39, of Mount Pocono, and Angela Mistkowski, 33, of Cresco, were killed.

State police are investigating the cause of the deadly crash.


  • typical biker dope

    first ones of the “season”, such a shame that people are draw to these two wheeled machines of death.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      You poor thing. Obviously, you’ve never been on one. There’s a myriad of ways that you can cash in your chips, so you might as well enjoy yourself a little before you go. They’re exhilarating!

    • Saony

      You’re comment is incredibly rude and insensitive! Two people lost their lives and you act like it’s a joke. That woman left behind two little kids that need her. Shame on you!

    • troutlover

      I completely concur! I had a Harley Sportster until a moron teenage girls with her phone in her hand came across the center line and clipped me. Fortunately I drive defensively EVERY time I was on the bike, especially when approaching an intersection where I had the right of way! Finally had enough of the elderly drivers coming right at me and sold the Harley last Fall. I drove that bike all the way across Canada and back didn’t have a single incident!!! Cretins are all over our roads and half are high!!

  • Meh

    Put your bikes away people!!!! Im itching as bad as you are but theres just to many dangers for riders for another month or so….

      • meh

        every berm right to the white line and past it is covered with anti skid… there is still antiskid on a lot of roads and in the middle… runoff from all the melting snow can carry dirt/debris onto the surface…. the list goes on. the roads really arent safe for a bit till the last snow is melted off. obviously, you arent a rider.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Anti-skid and gravel from runoff acts like ball bearings when you lean into a corner, plus the slop from it messes up your ride. I never rode until after the first one or two rains of Spring when the roads are washed clean somewhat.

      • meh

        @besafe… so you are saying the dangers arent much greater when there is all the debris on the roads at this time of year? “You might be a biker now, but come July I’ll bet you’ll be no more.” is this some kind of vague lame jab that im a sidewalk rider? please explain where you came up with this weak retort or the evidence to support it. does the truth make you angry for some reason? did you pour a bowl of cereal thia morning and discover there was no milk? whats your deal?

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