Rally in Scranton to Save Obamacare

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SCRANTON -- As President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress take steps to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, people in Scranton rallied to try to save it.

About 200 people gathered on Courthouse Square on Sunday. Many said the Republican plan to replace what is known as Obamacare would leave tens of thousands without health insurance.

Two leading Democrats, US Senator Bob Casey and Congressman Matt Cartwright promised they'll fight any plan to repeal Obamacare.

Tara Banninger from the Lehigh Valley fears her health insurance coverage would disappear if the president and Congress repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Banninger spoke to hundreds of fellow demonstrators, telling them she's worried she might not be able to provide for her family.

"The proposals that the Republicans are putting forward is not sufficient. They are talking about taking away subsidies," Banninger said.

Banninger has type 1 diabetes and for the last 26 years, she's needed costly insulin injections just to live. Her biggest fear is that if Obamacare is repealed, her pre-existing medical condition will prevent her from being eligible for a health insurance plan she could afford.

"My insulin is $335 a vial. I need three vials a month, so we are looking at over $1,000 a month just for my medical care. That's like having a second mortgage."

People held signs supporting the benefits that come with Obamacare.

Representative Cartwright and Senator Casey were among those promising to keep up the fight to save their healthcare.

"You heard families today that have a child with a disability who will be adversely affected by what they are trying to do to rip away medical protection. That's what this is about, hearing those voices," said Sen. Casey, (D) Pennsylvania.

Banninger says realizes that there are flaws to Obamacare, but she doesn't think throwing it completely out is the right idea.

"We can adjust the law to make it so it is more affordable. We can put price controls and more accountability for the price increase for insurance companies," she said.

Republican leaders plan to replace Obamacare with a series of tax credits and more incentives to increase insurance competition. The demonstrators in Scranton say that plan would not work.

Organizers say they will continue to hold rallies for healthcare. The next one is planned for next Saturday on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre.


  • Dan

    You want everything he promised to do done in a day. His name is not superman. and the new plan will be better. I am waiting to and I will be glad to be able to pick what I can afford. Do not try to stuff insurance down my throat. When there is competition that is a good thing.

  • WarningFakeNews

    I saw that the New York Times had a piece about how unhinged leftists are helping Trump. Fortunately, that didn’t cost them too much to write about, they could do all their research on what the unhinged people were doing, right in their own newsroom!


    You know, I was on the fence about who to vote for, so I voted for Trump. Had no idea he was going to be so against the middle class. I’m learning now about his crummy tax plan, his conflicts, his ties with Russia, his lies. Guess I shouldn’t have believed a man who won’t even release his tax returns. So tired of this and its only been one month. God help out country. I will NEVER vote for another Republican as long as I live. Never!!!

    • Broke taxpayer

      If you were on the fence in the beginning that means you swallowed everything the left wing liberal media was feeding you. This past Sunday it was revealed by the intelligence community after a full investigation that THERE WAS NO CONNECTION TO THE RUSSIANS and furthermore they DID NOT influence the election. It is precisely people like you the press and the left feed on. He did more for the middle class in Ind. saving jobs and accomplished and signed more bills in the first few weeks in office than Obama did in eight years and by the way the tax plan he is working on hasn`t even reached Congress yet and proclaim to know what is in it. You keep reading fake news and your going to drive yourself nuts. Thank god people like you were not in the majority in this last election, the Country would have been lost for sure. You keep voting along party lines and you get what you deserve.

    • Fred

      You are one of them. The new strategy of the left is to help the naive believe that people that originally voted for the President, don’t support him anymore. This is a total fallacy. Nice try, globalist.

    • Another one Sheesh

      Never Again , it is not a requirement for anyone running for Presidency to release their tax returns. Most people do it as a courtesy. Even then, whats to say that past candidates and Presidents didn’t rewrite their tax returns with different numbers. Then present the false ones instead. Besides, The IRS is not allowed to release them either in order to show any inconsistencies.

    • WarningFakeNews

      A smile comes to my face when I think that someone might have voted for Trump because of his campaign promises, which he’s keeping, and now their upset about it. How odd.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      How on earthquake could you be on the fence? It was pretty cut and dry this election. People were for one or the other. There wasn’t much of a middle.

    • pissoffaliberal

      please enlighten us on his tax plan. they haven’t released details yet. sounds like you want to complain just to complain.

  • Porterlet

    Next year the senator and the congressman have to run. Lets see how they do in their base of support here when their support of illegals and obamacare is the issue. The Prez can come to the arena for their opponentts and thats the ball game. And thanks WNEP for your continued coverage of mindless protestors.

  • truck driver

    I googled terms like “cost of insulin at walmart” and “cost of insulin per month” and “cost of insulin after obamacare”.
    Journalists hate when readers google stuff:)

    • Tara Banninger

      Hey Truck Driver.. there are different kinds of insulin. The “walmart”insulin you looked up is HUMULIN insulin.. the kind I need is called HUMOLOG… there is a BIG difference between the two insulins.. one is cheap.. the other is $335/vial .
      Don’t talk about what you odn’t know.. it makes you look foolish.

      • Tiredoldtaxpayer

        That truckdriver has more common sense in his little finger than you do with all your pseudo nursing healthcare education. Competition is what brings prices down and when you get the government out of the way and off the backs of producers you wind with cheap generic drugs that everyone can afford. That truckdriver may not have your elitist education but he knows a bad deal when he sees one. It is a good thing the government dose not sell us shoes and force us to buy them from them or pay a penalty because we would all be walking around with size 10 or 4, your choice and left wing loony socialist nut cases like you would think it is a good deal because they give you a choice of colors. You state Obama Care is fixable, well that is what they are trying to accomplish, no thanks to defeatist liberal wing nuts like you.

  • Jd

    Just wondering how many of those same protesters that can’t afford health coverage, have their arms wide open to illegal aliens, who also don’t have or can’t pay for health coverage. Btw: there’s a famine in South Sudan. Look out, here they come!

    • Tara Banninger

      First off.. illegal aliens DO NOT QUALIFY FOR MEDICAID.. and DO NOT QUALIFY FOR SUBSIDIES on the marketplace exchange.. There is VERY SPECIFIC language in the ACA against that..

      The ONLY free healthcare an illegal receives is life saving treatment when they walk into an ER. They get patched up, sent home. Done.

      All this nonsense about “free healthcare” is just more “alternative facts”.. and is completely untrue…

      Get out of our own way and learn a little bit before you rail against something based on a complete lie… you’re only shooting yourself in the foot.

      • Tiredoldtaxpayer

        Talk about alternative facts, your as stupid, misinformed and brainwashed as some of the people you personally attack here, but then that is what liberals do when they can not address the message they attack the messenger. Your naive and delusional of you think illegals are not cashing in on Obama Care, they steal social security numbers and get instructions on how to sign up for health care from La Rosa and the Mexican legal defense league. I don`t know what kind of business you claimed to have run but if you enjoy being told how much you have to spend to cover your employees if over a certain number or pay a penalty then you must love dictatorship and loosing money. You say you don`t like capitalism so I can only assume your a communist or a socialist that would like the Country to go the way of Venezuela where the food shelves are empty in supermarkets. Your the kind of voter we stopped dead in their tracks this last election to save what is left of our Country after eight years of ignoring the constitution and our laws. Your the kind of liberal who wants the government to come around and tuck you in at night and issue everybody straws that they have to use to keep from getting germs from their drinking cups. Thank god we saved the Country from wack job, left wing looneys like you. You mentioned France as an ideal health care example, their socialist left wing Prime Minister also loved open borders and they have had one Islamic terrorist attack after another. I can give you another example of a failed national health care system, ask Canadians why they are crossing the border to come here for medical treatments. I suggest you craw out your own loony shell and read some world news.

  • Jd

    The plan hasn’t even come out yet. They’re protesting over what they think might happen? How about some facts? Oh, that’s right. The progressive left has to keep stirring the pot because their party lost. I’d like to know more about Trump ‘s plan before I make a decision.

  • Rowdy

    If this is so wonderful, why did my Geisinger monthly premium jump $800.00 a month to $ 1,951.75 ??? family of 5, healthy, self-employed. Some people have no clue of what self-employed people deal with. Trump ran on getting rid of Obamacare, Trump won, and Trump is doing what he promised to do. Get over it. And don’t even get me started on our poor snowflakes and their feelings…………..

    • Tara Banninger

      I am self employed.. and again.. the ACA has it’s flaws.. but fix them.. and they are fixable. What is most likely at issue for you is how the subsidies are calculated using FPL, which hurts married couples and families because it’s not calculated accurately. So why not address those issues.

      As for why Geisinger increased.. you are aware that premiums were increasing at 10 to 12% per year prior to the ACA and that if they ACA were not enacted, premiums would have continued to increase at that rate, making insurance even more expensive than it is today? The ACA reduced premiums by 20% in the first year and while they have increased year over year, they would need to increase another 40% to match where it would have been today with the 10 to 12% year over year increase we were seeing prior to the ACA’s enactment.

      Too many people simply do not understand healthcare all together. If you think about the business model of insurance: they take your money for your health care and their objective is to NOT pay for your care. How does that serve the consumers interest. It’s actually a built in conflict of interest.

      • Broke taxpayer

        The ACA code for Obama Care is a disaster. Premiums are rising faster than anybody could have imagined due to the fact that insurance companies are dropping out of the program. Simple economics 101, no competition, freedom to charge what the market will bear in order to make a profit and cover the costs of those who are really bad off that you are forced to cover without compensation to cover your costs. Anyone whose has ever been in business knew this plan was flawed and was not going to work, not to mention no one who voted for it or even read the darn bill to know what was in it. The program, as any government run nightmare had problems from the start from security leaks to covering people who were not entitled not to mention this flawed plan was not even a bi-partisan bill but a Democratic driven agenda to promote an ideology and voted on with strictly Democratic votes without even researching the possibilities. Under this flawed plan, when you eliminate personal choices and turn your health decisions over to a mismanaged bureaucracy, you wind up with the mess you now have that many people on the other side saw coming. I am sorry but people have been burned and if you want to see how bad it could have gotten all you have to do is look at the nightmare in the U.K. where people are laying on beds in the hallway as there are no rooms and for which they waited, some as long as six months or more to get there for an operation they can not get now as the system is broke broke and doctors are on strike. People woke up in this last election and did some homework, your going to have to blow your liberal smoke up somewhere else, the voters did some homework.

      • Tara Banninger

        Broke Taxpayer: I have news for you dear.. the ENTIRE BUSINESS MODEL of insurance isa conflict of interest.

        FIRST.. insurance DOESN’T provide ANY health care. You give them YOUR MONEY to COVER said health care, and their objective is to NOT PAY FOR YOUR CARE. It is a built in conflict of interest. Insurance companies have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in paying for your health care.

        Your “Free market” for insurance is a racket. They want only healthy people that they can sell crap plans to that don’t cover much..so they can take a couple hundred from you a month.. maybe pay for a little doc visit here and there.. but when the big stuff hits.. you’re “cheap plan” doesn’t cover you. Good luck getting those cancer treatments.. The insurance “Free market” doesn’t actually want anyone that needs healthcare to buy their “healthcare plans”. If they had their way – you get sick.. you die – oh well.. … Insurance is a BIG PONZI scheme.

        Maybe get out of your shell and learn something about other nations healthcare.. Like France that is actually ranked #1 in the world but spends half of what we spend per capita and all their citizens are covered. Or Italy that is ranked #2 – and spends the least amount of money.. YOu know we’re we are ranked.. 37th! And we pay more than DOUBLE per capita for health care !

        All of you with this ‘Free market” nonsense really have no clue… and you’d find out really quick how bad it is if/when you get really sick.

      • Carmel Williams

        Tara, it’s not worth your breath to try reasoning with these people. Let them be. Carry on the good work you are doing. When did this rally turn into a protest! Oh, right. In ‘their’ minds!

  • Popper offer

    That’s hard to believe your monthly payment could can increase $700. Totaling almost $900. If that is not a mistake it is just insane

  • WarningFakeNews

    One thing has become abundantly clear in all of this: FORCING people to pay more than they can afford for health insurance which has extremely high deductibles is NOT providing people with health CARE. In fact, in many cases, it’s DENYING CARE to them.

    • Broke taxpayer

      People not only got burned but educated which is why Clinton lost. Obama Core was a nightmare from the beginning so much so even the guy who helped write the bill admitted after he left office that it was a train wreck waiting to happen.

      • Tara Banninger

        No.. people didn’t get educated.. but they certainly got a lot of propoganda from Republicans… that’s for sure. and you want to know why.. because the ACA was actually their idea they sat on for 40 years – but didn’t really feel it enough of a priority to get around to it. Obama tweaked their basic plan – and put it out. It was a brain child of , I believe the conservative Kato Institute. You see how popular social security and medicare are now.. well they were also plans Democrats put forth that Republicans railed against back then – only to have it be the MOST POPULAR items ever put forth by government and basically when you try to dismantle it – it’s nucleur for whoever does. The GOP knows that about the ACA. And while it’s not perfect.. it has been extremely effective and where it isn’t effective – simple tweaks to the law would make it more pallatable for those that have objections to it.

        Sadly, Americans are still so confused and probably more uneducated about our healthcare system then ever before. Rates were increasing at double the rate of inflation year over year between 10 – 12% prior to ACA implementation. so despite the rate increases, premiums have not risen as high. Also, the government doesnt set the prices.. the insurance companies do.. and their model of profits depends on taking your money and then trying to NOT use the money you gave them for what you gave it to them for.

        I definitely have not seen the “education” that you claim people got – more like the opposite. They still have no clue…..

  • Trumpvoter

    These people love to protest .Liberal way and media feeds the agenda.Wnep why don’t you take your liberal ass and do a telethon and raise money for homeless vets and people in the area you serve.LIBERALS INSTEAD OF PROTESTING EVERTHING DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR YOUR COUNTRY.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Yes, PLEASE save my unaffordable overpriced health care with the 7-10,000 dollar deductibles, how will I ever live without it???

  • Broke taxpayer

    What you see here is whats left of a liberal left wing party that is crumbling and falling apart with every passing day. What the heck has Casey done for anybody in this state except go around and blow liberal elitists smoke up our butts. Nothing but an empty suit running for another six year term in a state that turned red in the last election so he can go down to D.C. and help the party of no and block. The replacement bill hasn`t even been sold to us yet but I can guarantee you one thing when it is we know what is in it unlike Obama care. That alone ought to tell you these people are out there because they don`t like Trump and are part of Soros organizations. One sign said “save our Medicare”, Obama care took 7 billion dollars out of Medicare and put it in Medicaid for the poor people and seniors lost benefits and services they used to have. These morons don`t care about health care they only care about promoting a liberal agenda.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I can’t help but wonder if these rallys are fake news. I drive all over all the time and never see any of them.

    If I did, i would stop and say something. I’d be a one man band. A one trick pony. They’d remember me though. It’d be along the lines of get a job and stop sucking of the publics teet.


    I don’t care if there’s 5 or 50. This shyt’s getting out of control.

    At times like this, i have to ask myself what my grandfather who fought in ww2 would do.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Well, it’s easy to see that this is the free crap crowd. Anyone with more than a quarter in their pocket has to be able to see that Obama care is a huge disaster. Most people’s premiums have tripled, monthly! What a scam, except this scam is out in open. Right in our face.

  • Semper

    Anybody wearing one of those hats is a guaranteed Nazi that wants to force their bogus and misguided beliefs on the honest taxpayers. They only seem to believe in freedom of speech if you agree with them. That’s it. Like a bunch of whiny, sniveling children that have never been told “No” before. Liberalism is a mental disease. Shadilay

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